Wednesday, November 07, 2018


The last of the B's - I had decided to take a rest from these; it's hard to quilt, though.  I have a scrappy small quilt I need to sash and cornerstone, border, sandwich, quilt and bind. What was I thinking?  I may put those in a bag and see if I can get interested later.  There'll be plenty of cold winter days to do that.  I had to re-do a couple of little "between" points - got them reversed, but thank goodness only two.  She was a doozy but one of the prettiest I've made.

And there's the beauty of Fall.  We live in almost a circle of trees, with the county road in front of our house.  There is color all around - I love Fall - I think it's my favorite season. 

Monday, October 29, 2018


My latest Farmers Wife block is Blossom.  There is one more "B" block - Bride - I think I'll do then rest from that a while and work on my scrap quilt.  But the little 6 1/2" blocks are so hard to put aside!  Each is like a puzzle, and I love choosing the colors.  I think - I hope! - it keeps me thinking well!

We took Oscar to the vet today to see about some funny looking polyps or growths on both of his feet.  He keeps licking them till they bleed, especially the right one, which is larger.  So she's taking them off Friday.  She'll also check his eyes because one has changed shape (which I'd noticed - it's the cloudy part in the middle of his eye and has elongated).  Eyes are not weepy or red which is a good thing.  But keep using the drops (and new gel form) in both eyes.  Bless his heart.  She didn't like the looks of the polyps and said they may be malignant.  I won't worry about that today.

Thanksgiving soon, and it will be at her and Billy's house again.  This is the 4th year I think for this new family tradition.  Love going out to their house with all the family.  Sher may be here Thanksgiving night and asked me to save a plate for her.  

Tomorrow the dentist for me - I called to change the plan - so I'm having one crown prep tomorrow, then have both permanent crowns put on at the same time. Maybe that'll save me some time in the chair.  It is wearing on an old body and soul.

Brenda posted they have corn meal they'd have at the Market on November 10; I asked her to save me 4 bags - I'm getting a couple for Sher.  She said there's plenty and I could get them sometime.  I wondered if Jim would do meal this year and glad he felt like it.  Has been taking antibiotics for a lung infection for several weeks.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Next week several from church plan to drive the Trace from here to Nashville to eat at Loveless's Restaurant.  I jut wasn't sure I was up to a 6 hour round trip plus time to eat.  Not to mention the curves, which is another major factor for seasick me. An all day affair, which sounds fun and we would get to visit with folks we don't usually.  So... Wednesday was pretty and I told Paul, "Let's take a trial trip on the Trace until and see how curvy the road is.  We can always turn around and come back."

So we did.  I took a meclazine just in case.  We drove as far as Collinwood, TN, and by that time the road had changed significantly and honestly we were both kinda tired. And I was getting a "curve" headache.  Paul stopped at the Wayne County Welcome Center there - he'd been to Collinwood and the Center before with the car club.  He told me to go look at the museum inside and he stayed in the truck with Oscar.  (He got his "ride" that day!  I even gave him a chill pill.)  So the hostess was wonderful; there were quilts on display.  I went back to the truck for me phone/camera; Paul said he knew there were quilts.  What a nice surprise from him.  Doesn't take just a whole lot to make me happy.  

So we enjoyed the bright day - the leaves are beginning to turn, not quite fall colors yet - and maybe we can go up a major highway and get off to see the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge that spans Birdsong Hollow.  It's near Franklin, which is practically a suburb of Nashville, but it would be a beautiful sight.  

Coming back home, we took some roads and highways we'd not been on before.  Highway 13 parallels the Trace, but you can drive a little faster.  We came through Cloverdale, passed Threets crossroads and Mr. Hendrick's wall.  It was a pretty day.  We were gone about 3 hours.  My legs and back were very stiff that night, but I slept so good.

Starting out.

Tried to enhance this so it's readable...

Two of the quilts at Collinwood.

The other two.  I know at least the one on the right is hand-quilted by the Senior Citizens group.

Did not know there was a movie...

Beautiful old pieces of cabinetry.

Devil's Backbone on the left.

The hostess gave me a cutting of this.  She said it blooms pink between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Kind of like a Christmas Cactus.  Takes very little water.

The "rock" is coral.  The metal thing with the handle is an old printing press.

Corn sheller.

Outside of the Center.

On the way home.

Working on the bridge between AL and TN over the Tennessee River, which glints in tha trees.


Thursday the 20th Century Club had a little Halloween party at the Living Center; there were about 25 residents  who attended and we served cupcakes, chips, ice cream, and played Halloween Jingo (Bingo).  L-R Fredda McCune, Brenda Whitfield, Vicki Yates, Brenda Irwin, Jo Russell, me.  Fredda and I were bat wing bookends.

And my most recent Farmers Wife block.  Actually 10/26, but I'm usually a day aead of myself and I wasn't gonna change the date.  The fabric is from "Bee Creative."  Next is Blossom. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018


I finished Bea today - I'd kitted it up back in the spring and put it aside for other projects: baby quilts, Charlotte's quilt, tissue holders.  Now free time.  I started Farmers Wife 2 1/2 years ago!  Love it - like a puzzle; love choosing the colors; printing; perforating seam lines.  I could be making huge block quilts but this is what I do.  It's just fun (and sometimes frustrating) for me.

The first layout - but I couldn't not make it fit together right.  It looks right here, but when I started sewing there were gap spaces in some of the edges.

I took all the paper off, looked at Gnome Angel (should have done first) and ironed it all back on.  Then I followed her instructions on how to sew.  (Not like the assembly in the book!)

This doesn't agree with how the pattern printed (see pieces above).  Anyway, I got it done.  I'll check with Gnoma Angel before the next one goes together.  She has great instructions.

And she's done.  

So now I'm going to print out the next one - Belle - and it uses only two fabrics.  Think I'll use the "muddy" butterfly fabric I used for Charlotte's quilt, and yellow also from her quilt.  (Different shade than this.)  I may never finish it, but it's fun trying.

I've pulled a muscle in my side and it hurts like the dickens; been taking Advil (been warned about it - kidneys - but what do you do when you have dull stabbing pain and can't sleep?) I'm pretty sure I did this helping poor little arthritic Oscar onto the couch in the sewing room.  And I was sitting down; I can't pick him up.  Just turned the wrong way.  

Paul and I ate at Outpost last night just over Pickwick Dam.  Since we were there they've added a mill, a road around the back of the restaurant and some other enhancements.  It's a nice little place.  I had cheeseburger and it is probably as good as 5 Guys; Paul had patty melt, and we shared a piece of wonderful, moist strawberry cake.