Saturday, August 20, 2016


Yesterday Paul and I went to Wynne to Richard's funeral. He and Teri were out closest, dearest friends in Wynne. Teri died 10 years ago (how is that possible?). Richard remarried two years afterward and moved to Batesville. Linda and he had eight good years together - they were so good for each other. It doesn't seem real even now, after the funeral, after hearing the sweet memories, the songs (Amazing Grace, and It is Well), the Scriptures (Luke 12:22 for one. I should know to write these things down; I can't remember the other one.)  So many good friends there: Stan and Mary Moore (Memphis), Donna and Howell Medders (Fayetteville), Tom and JoAnn (Fayetteville), From Woodruff - Norma, Ron and Kathy, Johnny Criss, Harold Ray, Jim and Kathy Cook... I'm sure others I don't remember offhand.

It is raining again as I write this back home in Iuka. I wonder if it is in Wynne? The flowers on the grave may last a little longer with the moisture. I left shells for Teri and Richard. So many great meals, vacations, just coffees, New Year's suppers at Jean's, girls' trips - so many memories. 

It was good seeing the city, the changes, the friends. We saw others at City Hall, the hospital, Colby's, the new facilities at Woodruff. But that's for another time.

Love you Richard. Love you Teri. Always. God bless you, Tara, Neall and Linda.

Hilton Head, South Carolina, September, 2004.

August 17, 1949 - August 16, 2016


Richard and Linda's wedding, May, 2008.


Friday, August 12, 2016


This little pretty "evolved!" I have a pattern, but adapted it so the machines would go all the way around in the same position. You can never make anything too big, but you can make it too small! I intended to put the binding on the bottom, but it ended up being wider for necessity - I mean, so it would cover the bottom of the machine. It ended up being the size with the "bed" folded up, although I intended it to cover all of what is shown here, with the bed down. But it's done and I like it. I'm thinking I won't make another cover. "Everyone else" will just have a scrap or scarf thrown over them!

Wednesday, August 03, 2016


This past Saturday, July 30, our high school class celebrated its 50-year reunion. It's amazing how old other peoples' class photos look, but we all look the same - and have the same feeling, but with maturity and experience. And we've experienced a lot. There were 25 class members of the 53 who graduated, and their spouses or companions (Ann Rhodes Bishop's brother Dickie); several who live locally did not attend. And we have lost quite a number over the years, including two of our girls who have Alzheimers. Total of 1250 years collectively lived by the 25 there. Amazing blessings. No handshakes at a class reunion!

Ann Rhodes Bishop, Susie Sander Phillips, John Wilson Henderson and her husband.

Jimmy Whitfield (Brenda Phifer's husband), and his cousin Charlotte Whitfield Vines. She was part of the class until about 7th grade. Anyone who was in the class was invited. So glad she went.  Below: high school sweethearts, Ronnie and Ann (Williams) Harvey. Married 50 years.

Melvin Vaughn (class member) and wife Judy.

 Bobby Enlow and Pat Ludlum. Pat is a Methodist minister.

Bobby and JoAnn Grisham Bolton.

Pat and Brenda.

Melvin and Pat's wife.

L-R: Sandra (Curtis) Bugg, JoAnn Bolton, Paul Whitlock, Jimmy Nash Phillips (suspenders), Glenn Bugg and Sam McCune (Paul's class, married Sandra and Fredda); Sandra Curtis Bugg, Bobby, Jimmy. Signing book is Sybil Reynolds Canon. Paul and Charlotte.

Shirley Horne Sutton, Sandra Curtis Bugg.

Shirlee Rast signing book.

Sam and Glenn.

Charlie Robinson and Brenda Rushing Robbins.

Paul Whitlock

Joel Cornelison and his wife.

Sue Holley Shepherd and Brenda Rushing Robbins.

Paul Whitlock reading part of Last Will and Testament of our class...

Brenda Phifer Whitfield reading the other half.

Our classmates who were there. Seated, L-R - Ann Williams Harvey, Shirlee  Rast ?, JoAnn Grisham Bolton, Louise Brown Kingen, Brenda Rushing Robbins,  Shirley Horne Sutton, Linda Biggs Stricklen, Sue Holley Shepherd, Joan Wilson Henderson, Susie Sanderson Phillips. Back, L-R: Ronnie Harvey, David Yarbrough, Bobby Enlow, Pat Ludlum, Paul Whitlock, Melvin Vaughn, Brenda, Sybil, Fredda Rorie Sanderson McCune, Ann Rhodes Bishop, Sandra Curtis Bugg, me (Patricia Thorne Nichols), George Yow, Charlie Robinson, Joel Cornelison.

Fredda and I taking each other's pictures.

Brenda and Sybil.

Sam and Fredda, Glenn and Sandra.

 Sue, Paul and Fredda.

 Judy Vaughn, Fredda, Sue, me.

Me, Linda, Brenda, Sue, Fredda, JoAnn, Joan.

Sue, Fredda, Linda.

Susie, Lou. Backgroud: Brenda Rushing talking to David Yarbrough.

George won the hat. It fits his "image" as driver of yellow school bus for many, many years. Many comments on FB about this.

Pat's wife, Linda, Pat, George.

All these started first grade together: Bobby, Pat, Charlie, David, Sue, Sybil,  Sandra, Ann, Shirley, Brenda.

Ann and Ronnie - he had a wonderful testimony. He was saved 9 years ago and about 3 years ago was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They have weathered a lot in their 50 years of marriage. Brenda told Sybil about his testimony and she was so thrilled.

Melvin, JoAnn, Caffie Enlow (Bobby's wife).

Paul, me, Sandra, Glenn. The two guys in class of '64, girls in '66. Don't know whey didn't think of getting Susie and Jimmy Nash, Fredda and Sam in one also. Sandra and Glenn are moving to North Carolina to be near their son and grandchildren.

I'm sure there were lots of others I could have posted, but I ordered prints. I think I didn't go through them thoroughly enough, may have to reorder.

We decided to have a reunion every year - next year's - the last Saturday of the month, July 29. Just something so special about a class reunion - especially at our age. We have lost Johnny Arnold, Edna Earl Daugherty Tapp, Doris Dean McGill, Ann Gilchrist, James Huffman. Seems like there are some others, but I hope not. 


I've been working on some 6" blocks from the book Farmers Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt.  At first I listed blocks by family/friends' names, then by what I thought I could do. So far the most difficult one has been Aimee. I've paper pieced the blocks, which entails reversing the layout. Anyway... I like that method best because it insures perfect (if I'm careful) points and seams matching.

Here's what I've done:

Not a block, but a "leader/ender" piece.

Sections of "Patricia" number 2.

Pretty good, considering #1.

The book. 99 blocks total. Different sizes possible. I'm going for lap size, 33 blocks.


Scraps from Treasure Chest. $7.50 bag and $10.00 bag - I got all this in a $10 bag.

Aimee gave me fits.

Had no idea what I was doing.

Finally got the "trial" Aimee finished. I have prettier fabric (in blues and white) to make the "real" one. Amy said this looked like old ties. It does!

Bonnie pattern - these scraps were in the TC bag.


And some other things I've been working on for Christmas... From fabric left from Sher's cushions.

Patricia #1.