Thursday, September 20, 2018


Charlotte and I use this phrase to caution one another.  It was supposed to be written "Pace Yourself" and auto-correct used this instead.

Leah was here Tuesday and she got the rest of the windows cleaned inside, as well as the blinds, and under the beds.  I finished washing the sheers and of course, put them up after she'd gone.  I overdo even when she comes and after the deep cleaning and she knows how I like things done, I will "pass myself."  

Yesterday I paid dearly for all my 50-year-old mind/70-year-old body accomplished.  I hurt all over, had no energy, finally went back to bed about 1:00 and slept for a couple of hours.  The mantle of fatigue, soreness and yes, depression, just settled around me and it changes who I am.  I hate it. By bedtime I had recovered somewhat and Paul and I watched a few episodes of Let's Go RVing.  But  today I'm better. I slept better.   So I'm ready for this day.  Paul will drive - I truly don't know how I'd manage without him.  He does so much for me and sometimes I feel like the worst wife ever.  

I have an eye appointment (all the tests, dilation) at 1:30.  My quilt is ready to pick up at Teresa's.  (Clam Shell top I bought at estate sale.)  And I'm going to try a new embellishment technique with crystals - Patti had them on some of her show quilts.  Not that mine are "show" by any means, but they just added a little sparkle.  I'll use on my wall hangings. 

I've been using some essential oils for various things - sleep, cleaning agent... So many uses.  I got some Frankincense (Charlotte ordered from Young Living for me), and I've used it 3 nights. (It smells terrible.) The second night I know I could tell when it began to be absorbed - I felt so relaxed.  But that's the night I didn't sleep well, so maybe too much and once it wears off it's a sudden wakefulness...  I was skeptical of essential oils the first demonstration I went to, but I see how the natural oils can be so beneficial.  Another favorite of mine is lavender. 

David and Sandra are in Houston for his 3-month check-up.  So far he's gotten really good reports.  They're going on a Caribbean cruise soon - I was glad to hear that.  I hear of so many people going places and they have health issues, too.  What am I afraid of?  I really want to go to Gulf Shores or along the coast this fall (October).  I'm sure Carol could feed and water the cats.  Of course, Oscar would go with us.  It's been a long time since he's fell the sand between his toes, too.  We should just go.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Friday and Saturday last week was the Needle Chasers biannual quilt show at our church (IBC).  Patti S was the judge and presented a trunk show of her work.  Charlotte and I went and were awed and inspired by all the beautiful work and I think I will rejoin (pay my dues) next year.  I feel bad going back this year since I haven't been and didn't do one thing to help with the show (I could have been a hostess at least).  So a new resolution.  Maybe once Sher moves back here she can go with me some.  But why wait?  No time like the present to start.   

I have the photos in iCloud now...   I couldn't download from my phone to my PC, so it has to go another route.  I figured out enough to know they're on the computer.  I'll have to play with organizing that.  And by George, this old girl figured it out!  My old dinosaur of a desktop and I still going.  It's encouraging to know I can still figure it out in this advanced age of extreme social media and streaming.

Patti's very first quilt.

Sunday, September 09, 2018


The thing for chiggers is steroids, or not. (I probably got into a nest and about 100 attached themselves to me!) I had 5 days of that med and then the chiggers/seed ticks/whatever else creature it was set in again with a vengance.  Not only during those 5-6 days (it took about a day to wear off after the 5 doses), did it help with the itching, but I got so much done and felt like I did ten years ago! I miss that person!  I had decided to talk to the doctor about a low dose for my fibro.  The terrifying itch of those little red bumps and the lack of energy and not having/being "that other person" who felt like she did at 60, all crashed around me today.  I went to Sunday School and sat there.  I didn't go to church but sat in the parking lot talking to my sister, crying, wanting to know why I have this allergic/sensitive/touchy/achey body.  For 45 minutes she comforted me while I cried, ranted and generally felt like the underbelly of a snake.  

Then it was nearly time for church to be over and everyone come to their cars.  I didn't want them to ask what was wrong, or see me just sitting there; I didn't want to see anyone.  I didn't like God and I sure didn't want "His people" consoling me.  Then she suggested I get myself a treat.  So I went to McD's and got a plain sundae and ate it on the way home.  I apologized to Paul, told him why I had a meltdown (and he stayed home), and started the roast.  Maybe all these irritations and negative feelings had festered and run their course because this afternoon, after dinner, I've felt better.  Calmer.  And the bites seem to have calmed down. And I'm sorry, God.  I have been a heathen for several days.  Not that I'm not anyway, but Yours is the only saving grace.  The Balm of Gilead.  The oil that protects the sheep's head.  Silly sheep. 

Meditate, Sher said.  "Think of the beach."  But when I do, I think, I'll probably never see it again......  Pray..... I don't know - the devil hasn't liked how I've felt - even told Char last week somehow I felt closer to God.  Devil sure doesn't like that.  I wasn't being prideful, so I don't think it's "pride goes before a fall."  It just all happened at the same time.

In better news.  We went to Xander's first birthday yesterday at Heather/Ben/Mike/Marsha's.  Just family there - Heather's parents, Marsha's sisters and mother, me, Paul - and it was nice.  Ben did a good job with the hamburgers and hot dogs.  Xander is a little cutie and has just started walking (isn't that amazing, how we get up on our feel and walk at a year old or so?).  

Birthday pictures, his quilt I made, Sher's cushion (cover) I made for her birthday.  (She has officially turned in SIGNED retirement papers!  She'll be here - HERE - first of the year.  Only 14 miles away.  

Sher's quilt.  Sunflowers for August (her birthday month); blue and white, her favorite colors.

Xander's quilt. About 50" square.  Theresa at Treasure Chest, Corinth, quilted and bound.

I chose the color thread for quilting.  Should have been darker to show up.  ABC-123

Birthday Boy! Those blue eyes!

His older sister Tuesday (4).

Big brother Tyler helping sister Addilyn on the slip and slide.  She didn't have the momentum.  Sweet of him.
 The "Mush Cake."

After his shower and hair wash on a new toy.  Happy smiles!

It rained today and Fall is coming, feel the coolness, the trees beginning to lose leaves, getting dark earlier already, more covers at night.  

Sunday, August 26, 2018


My deepest thoughts occur at night around 11 to 2, when I wake up and can't go back to sleep.  Since it is 5:30 p.m. there will be no philosophical thoughts here, unless there is a brain storm...  

We did have a sweet deacon ordination service tonight.  Three new deacons.  Glenda played some of my favorite hymns (piano) and she and Marjorie (organ) played a duet.  Food and fellowship afterward.  Of course - that's what we do!  Celebrate and enjoy!

My week:

After my ENT appointment Wednesday we stopped at Super Center in Corinth... May the force be with you.  I got a headache from all the lights.

My beautiful Amy, wearing the "right" shirt and cap!  She and Matt were here Thursday and Friday.  I miss her so much.  I wish she lived here.  She loves to thrift shop and brought me several nice tops, some pjs, sewing gadgets, another miniature dress form.  

Evening clouds... Need rain badly.

Sher's rose bush.  I'm afraid it is dying.  I tried...

Sher's birthday cushion I made for her.  She loves blue/yellow and sunflowers. I thought about quilting it (FMQ), but my back and shoulders just wouldn't stand up to it.  

One of our bathrooms is a wreck.  Water seeped from under the commode.  Bad seal.  I didn't know anything was wrong till I saw two tiles in front of the commode bucked up.  (My bathroom.)  Could have been worse.  We've had a little heater on low trying to dry it out so Jimmy can re-lay the tiles.  Hopefully, they can all be re-used. Hopefully, tomorrow.  Always hope.

It's a mess and I'm not cleaning any of it till it's back in order.  It all needs a deep cleaning anyway.  

My Kenmore on its new little Gidget I sewing table.  There's a leaf for it to fit into, but it's the right height for how.  

Sher took a weaving class.  This is her 8"x8" piece after 6 (I think) weeks or weekend classes.  I love it.  She gave her boss her notice to retire 12/31/18.  I'm glad it's finally official.  She'll be here next weekend with a load of "big" items, boxes, books, etc., and will drive straight back the next day.  I don't know how she does it.  Her plan is to be here around the first of the year, driving through the Smokies, if it doesn't snow.  I'll be glad to have her only 14 miles away.  It still seems unreal.  

Brenda's Jimmy was in the hospital last week with a lung infection.  He goes back to doctor Wednesday; hopefully won't have to have a biopsy.  She drove to Florence and back for 6 days.  The were both worn out.  My dear VBF.  Life can change so very fast.

Thank you, God, for always being with us.