Saturday, November 26, 2016


Jenni and Billy hosted Thanksgiving at their newly redorated house Thursday. They've done a wonderful job bringing it up to date.  Twelve of us there. Missing were Jay (Jess's husband-had to work) and Marianna (in England).  Amy and Matt were early but went to Tommy and Carol's thinking the dinner was there! Funny. 

All us sisters-in-law took dishes, about like last year's menu. Paul kept saying (after last year) there was too much food. But how can you leave out any one thing at Thanksgiving? I think everyone had at least one spoonful of everything and it filled a plate. Jenni used Aunt Ginny's china. I asked her if she knew it had to be "hand washed." She said she did. Aunt Ginny never put them in a dishwasher, and I'm sure you're not supposed to anyway. 

Everyone who had not, got to meet Levon Helm, Jenni's one-eared pig. He wanted in so bad. Big pet. Rescue from the vet's office. Came in for treatment and one of his ears fell off. Found it two weeks later. Dexter was there, busily trying to help by picking up crumbs.  Afterward, Amy, Matt and Dex went on back to Memphis, as it was already 3:00. 

Amy decided to postpone her foot surgery for several reasons: new insurance first of the year; more questions for the doctor.  Cancelled our room reservations in Germantown; Oscar's kenneling next week. I'm glad she feels okay enough to do that; hate for her to be "down" at Christmas-time.

Not sure if I/we will put up a tree. I didn't two years ago and missed all the old ornaments. The tree and decorations are in my shed this year, so should be easier to get put up.  Last year we put it up because Christmas breakfast was here. Carol has it this year and then Sandra, so will be 2018 my turn again. We had Shiloh at Thanksgiving; she'll be one on December 15. Maybe another one by 2018... Who knows? Just thankful for family, blessings, and blood pressure medicine (finally) that is working and not making me a wreck.

Shiloh trying out the stairs.

David, Billy, Paul looking out the back toward the barn.

Beautiful big kitchen. Sandra, Jessica.


Greg, Tommy, Carol, Amy. Love the horse picture.

David, Paul, Jenni, Billy. The beam that was a support wall. They had it covered in timber, rustic look.

 Putting the ice in. She's not only our sweet niece, but our vet!

Amy and Dexter, Jenni, Jess, Matt; Greg, Whitney (so thankful to be able to write that!), with Shiloh, Papa Tommy, Paul, David, Sandra.

 And me - I set it and ran.

Shiloh was everywhere. I was thinking hardly anyone held her, but she was walking everywhere!

And I got these finished today, and labels stuck inside (I hope they stay stuck). Thirteen. I'm glad they're finished, hope they can use them for something, but if I do anything next year, it will be sooner and simpler! Not that these were hard. (I finished those 7 in 4 days.) But, well, sooner would be good.

I have some catching up to do. If I don't get it done this year, hopefully I can do it when I start in January. My back, shoulders and neck will not let me stay at this for long!  All the sewing I actually need to finished now is binding Sher's wallhanging. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Every year (for the big total of the past 2 years) I've made little Christmas gifts for the 20th Century Club group. First year it was the mug rugs. Last year the chicken pin cushions. At the risk of any one of them reading this, which I think is pretty much nil, maybe one very remote possibility, I'm working on zippered bags. I've made six complete, 2 zippers in (starting an assembly process) an total of 7 to go. They're made from the left over fabric from Sher's chair cushions. One zipper looks like it has its head buried in the sand and I may do another one and keep that. Total, including Sher, Amy, I've made 8. Seems like there's another one floating out there somewhere.

I've finally got to get back in the sewing room after all that hard labor getting it rearranged. I was beginning to think my back/neck/blood pressure would not let me ever use it again. Depressing. I'm risking it here by uploading over 200 pictures to Shutterly - I'd say I was behind on that, too - and making one of the bags, finishing another, and putting those 2 zippers in. But I'm thankful.

This morning for the only the second time in 3 weeks my BP was 160 over 70 something. And that was with 2 BP meds. Called the doctor, got his assistant. She said don't take it again for 2 hours and do something to take my mind off it. So I got up, took Oscar out - nice breeze - glorious fall sun - Thank You, Lord - then I vacuumed the den and kitchen and mopped it! Then I did some dusting with the Swiffer thingy. By then it was 1:30 and I took the reading - 125/60. Worried myself into a spike. Also she said take the chlorphilodone about 4 or 5, not at bedtime like 8:00. I was so cold last night, didn't sleep well. IDK if it was that or just one of those nights. 

Paul is "campaigning" to be on the TCEPA board of directors. There is a vacancy in our district. Our friend, his Sunday School teacher passed away and Paul is contacting all the other members to "apply." He's trying to personally meet with every one, talk with them. Sent letters yesterday. David knows most of them and has made some calls. Nope, can't keep a "politician" down.

Speaking of which. Trump. Who knew? Apparently no one, least of all HRC.  Saw a tape of her yesterday making a speech the day before and she has aged 10 years. 

A few fall pictures. Aunt Ginny's drive.

Thursday, November 03, 2016


I have (hopefully past tense now) been having blood pressure spikes so I finally called Dr. Johnson. He has prescribed hygroton (though generic and I can never remember how to spell it). And it's working! My BP has been in normal range for almost a week now (I started it last Thursday). I almost hold my breath it's working so well. I sure hope it continues. I've noticed I've been having hardly any skips either, which is sooo calming, and restful, and normal. It's wonderful not to have to think about my heart function, although I do - I try not to overdo and have been watching salt intake. Last night I even went to Harvest Fest at church and helped some, stayed about an hour and a half. Then came home and the last game of the World Series was on and I couldn't tear myself away. Paul and I were up till midnight! And my team CUBS won! As everyone knows, first time they've won a World Series in 108 years. It was fantastic. Though the Indians played just as well - being beat by only one point, in the 10th inning. There was the tie, then there was a rain delay. I'm not usually so involved in a game that I'll watch start to finish, but this was historical!Image result for chicago cubs

I slept till 8:30 today, then went at 11:00 and got my hair cut. Sher is in Ohio this week for a week's training in her new job. Paul bought a leaf rake and has been enjoying these pretty days outside. 

And Amy will be home this weekend. Her foot is hardly any better and she has been advised that surgery is likely. She's seeing Dr. Harriman Tuesday - the doctor who operated on my ankle and who still helps my back with injections. She's so down and I hate it for her. She's been working, too, and I know she's in a lot of pain. If she has surgery, I want her to let us bring her here so we can take care of her - she's supposed to stay off her foot for 6 weeks. She broke it August 16.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


While Sher was here, we got  the family together on that Sunday afternoon for chili and hot dogs:

Sweet snuggly Addilyn with her great aunties...

"Devie" (Steve)

Cousins Tyler and Tuesday. Tyler and Addilyn are sibs. 

 She's so calm and agreeable.

Ben and Heather, parents of Tuesday.

The T cousins loved playing in the trees.

So thankful for Paul and my brothers.

Lots of dappled sun that day.

Paul and Steve. 

Ben and Paul

Lining up for the "sibs' portrait." We didn't know the sun was so dapply - it beamed right on Mike's forehead - we got so tickled!

Good close-up crop of Sher.

Better - love the sun even if it washed us out a little. Years ago we could hardly get Mike to do this. Now he says, "Get in the same order!" (Mocking me.) I don't think we are.

  Marsha with Addilyn, Mike, Morgan (Steven had to work), Ben; Paul, me, Steve.

Tuesday didn't want her picture taken.

Now Marsha has Tuesday, Mike-Addilyn, Mo, Ben, Tyler, Heather; Sher, Paul, Steve.

So until next year's family line-up, God willing. So thankful for family!! Wish Amy and Matt could have been here. Still recouping from broken ankle/foot and had to fill in at Canale's this weekend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sher was here from the seventh to the fifteenth and it always goes so fast.  There's so much to do, laugh about, catch up on, visit folks. This was no exception, though I did feel as if we didn't rush so much. She didn't bring work with her! Instead of her work computer at the end of the dining table, we did this:

I left the puzzle out. I just hope no pieces are lost between "times." Can't bear to think of all this work (and fun) and disassemble it - instead I'll use the puzzle saver and do - what - with it? A souvenir of our time together.

Some other good times together --

Her favorite outfit - lovely coordination.

And Oscar's very favorite place on the lifted foot rest.

"You want me to what? Get down? I don't think so. This MY spot with Aunt Sherron."

I think we're looking more alike the older we get.

Sweet Addilyn - Morgan and Steven's little girl - 9 months old. So sweet, pleasant and cuddly.

There will be more later. We did so much...