Friday, January 18, 2019


I guess I've been fairly busy; the weather hasn't been agreeable most days, but there's been some sun.  

Family was here for Sher's retirement/welcome home get-together January 6.  Amy couldn't come, nor Morgan and family.  Jordan came for a short visit and ate before everyone got there, but stayed to greet most before leaving.  It was a nice little party - I made hamburgers, hot dogs; Marsha made potato salad; chips, soft drinks.  Even a little champagne to celebrate.  

Not everyone has a Brigadier General sign their "going away" photo of the Pentagon.  She worked really hard and took many "red pills" to achieve what she did.  I'm very proud of her.

Tuesday - a sweet addition.

Steve's friend Ramona.

Sher and I went to Needle Chasers on Monday; I paid my membership dues for this year.  Sher was going to "wait and see." There are other groups she had wanted to check out. 

I finally did some de-cluttering in the "office," going through old unused greeting cards (some at least 10 years old), and donated them to the elementary school for a pen pal project.  Old fabric strips and a couple of larger pieces will go to the quilt guilid.  Charlotte and I went to Corinth the next day and I go a new Fossil purse and a sweater on sale.  Together they were $88.00 something and I had a $50 gift card.  So that was a bargain.  It had been a $200 purse!  We stopped at Sher's to see what all she'd done to the house.  Making progress, not as many boxes and being creative with storage space, really only one usable closet.  The stair-closet (to the attic) which is about the size of a Kleenex box.  But she'll have some way to use it.  

Paul went for his routine cardio check-up and it was good.  He goes to Tupelo.  I didn't go this time; he said no need.  Last time I went and sat at the urologist's office my back was killing me.  This same day was the club meeting and I filled in for Vicki.  

The 11th I went for lunch at Sher's.  I don't remember which day she told me she had taken a job!!  Just retired and now going back to work.  So there goes my art lessons, my trip to Florida...  Anyway, she's going to work as receptionist for Sparks.  Will be really busy during tax season.  Heath said she's way over-qualified, but I think if she can handle government budget work, she can handle answering the phone and scheduling their appointments.  The next day (Saturday) she left for Melanie's and their time together; a mini-vacation and trip to PC to check on her house.  

I don't sleep well, and Sunday of last week I stayed home and slept till after 10:00.  I ordered a Lucid gel foam mattress pad (4") which is airing out and fluffing up in the garage.  Probably can't get the top sheet over it.  It's a twin, though. Paul said he didn't want any other surface - that foam gel tends to make you hot.  This one sounded as if it won't be so bad.  Had good ratings.  The last 2-3 nights I've slept better.  Last night we went to Car Club and ate supper; sitting on the hard chair didn't help, but eventually my back and legs settled down.  

My old JVD CD player quit on me.  One minute it played and the next it wouldn't  There are 6 slots, and they would change, but none of them would play.  I hope it's that little laser eye.  Paul and I took it to a vintage repairman Wednesday.  He had tons of old turntables and old stereo systems - a hobby of his since he was a teenager.  He lives out of Rienzi, which is to say in the way out country, but about 8 miles from Corinth and we returned that way since the road wasn't so curvy.  

I made This Is Us albums for all 4 of us - our group pictures - as many as I could find - from the one in 1960 (me, Mike, Sher and Mickey the goat - in the house) to the one in 2019 - at Sher's party on the 6th.  I thought I'd put a lot of them together in one album but couldn't fine it, so I searched through pictures on the PC and found most.  There were 2 or 3 years we missed, but not many.  They really began around 2002.  The previous years were most of the time Sher was living overseas, so I think around 2002 is when we started.  

This actually looks a lot better than it did.  I have walking space now and can open the door of the cabinet!

Paul has gone to get the oil changed in my truck, go to the bank and dump the old blinds I took off from Sher's.  I think we'll eat at Cracker Barrell tonight  - I need a veggie plate really bad.

Oh, and I ordered this puzzle today.  Odd thing is, Sher and I both got the subscription email and I just loved it.  She forwarded it to me.  Great minds think alike.  It's "only" 750 pieces. This reminds me of one I had in high school, though this one is older.  Should be fun.  Now that the dining table is cleared off I can mess it up again with this.
Vintage Typewriter 750-piece Shaped Puzzle

Friday, January 04, 2019


Image result for happy new year 2019 images

Sher is home, home, home!  Today (1-4-2019) she's working on her house, Glen Cottage.  Moving furniture around in that tine space, but it'll look like a doll house once she's finished.  She spent the night with us the first and second, her house last night, and is working into the evening today.  The two nights she was here we watched two slapstick funny movies - I sorely need the belly laughs and realize how good it is to watch a funny movie with someone who gets as tickled as me!  "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," Steve Martin and John Candy; "Christmas Vacation," Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid.  I'd already watched both of them in the last couple of weeks.  We also got caught up on "The Young and the Restless," her soap, her escape from reality after a day's work.  She's been watching it 40 years.  Everyone has been married to everyone else at least once.  Now Nicki is in a coma in the hospital...  I could accidentally get interested in it if I let myself.  For a while, she'll be here occasionally to catch up since she won't have TV service for a bit.

Yesterday I lost my mind temporarily over getting locked out of my ATT account.  Long story.  But I got an appointment for this morning and the young man got it all fixed up again.  Love tech when it works, go insane when it doesn't.  Paul and I also went to Wally World for coffee, peanut butter, chips, tomatoes, onions, etc. Some items for the Welcome Home/Retirement party for Sher Sunday.  Family invited; hamburgers, hot dogs.  Marsha's bringing potato salad; I'll open a couple big cans of baked beans.  

New Year's Eve Paul and I went to Tommy and Carol's for NYE party.  So much fun - played games (Apples to Apples and a pictionary version of gossip).  Laughed so much.  See my rose cheeks?  I look so like my cousin Patsy here.  Carol on the left, Sandra on the right.  David in the far right background.

I got my 2017-2018 blog ordered today.  I hardly wrote in 2017 and not as much as usual last year.

Something I wrote around Thanksgiving.  One of my bad days, but goals to try for. I've already blown a lot of them.  But I've also done several!

Increasingly carrying around the weight of an Old Woman who is trying to obliterate the real me. Pain, fatigue and a bad attitude, critical and sometimes blasphemous thought life are what I carry around like a weight attached to my back, legs, neck, brain, body. Instead of using good energy for productive things, mine is used so often for keeping the Old Woman under control. She is so heavy, sad, critical, unhelpful, doubtful, even very lazy at times, undecided and forgetful. A sour heart at times. I say I won’t give up. Give up what? She is a formidable enemy. How can I think “creatively” when all I think about is how to make the pain stop, how to keep up with necessary duties, household chores, being with people, how much she will allow me to do, if I’ll get a fair to good night’s sleep? Measuring my energy out in spoonfuls. Socializing is exhausting at times. Wondering how long I’m able to stay up, how far I can travel, how often I can commit. Lights and noise bombard the Old Woman making it impossible to go to a movie theater. Bitterness is always ready to rear it’s ugly head with sharp and sarcastic words. Self criticism and being critical and short tempered with Paul especially.

What can I do?

Be in God’s Word
Stop apologizing
Give my bitterness to God, who wants it (imagine that. But it’s true)
Ask Him for transitional/accepting grace.
Do what I can and stop worrying and fretting over what I can’t
Stop expecting ppl to understand unless they have been there
Don’t list complaints to everyone
Create-sew, draw, color, paint, play with paper, scrapbook, take pictures, do calligraphy, free motion quilting, Farmers Wife
Read good books, all the ones I missed, re-read others I loved as a child
Exercise as much as possible
Eat more healthy
Take Advil if I need and stop worrying about side effects
Drink water
Stop fighting something for nerves & take it before my legs and back spasms (sleeplessness) makes me cry and frantic
Watch funny movies
Be my own person and don’t compare
Be thankful
Do something for someone even a card often
Stay off iPhone more
Don’t listen to “news”
Enjoy nature even from my windows
Listen to music
Grieve when necessary but don’t stay in it
Be thankful for what I did have and what I still have
Write, journal
Stay in touch with old friends
Love my family
Push through the tiredness when I can but know when to rest and know it’s okay to do both

So we are blessed to be here in this new year.  Look for the "wonder."  Be thankful.  These other things, too, shall pass.  If this year flies by like 2018...

This is January 4, Goobie's birthday - 1900.  I imagine she thought how fast the years passed, too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


We napped - I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.  Paul has a scratchy throat.  Oscar is resting up from Dexter being here and all the activity.  Lucy and Thelma ventured to the back door - Dexter, their nemesis, has gone home.

Busy three days.  Sunday Christmas dinner at Mike and Marsha's.  I got a  smoked turkey breast at Brooks; it was wonderful.  It's so big though, we ate about 2/3, I brought the rest of that side home and left the other side with Marsha.  Tender, smoked just right.

Monday - rested a good bit.  Amy came home late that night.

Tuesday, Christmas day - breakfast at Sandra and David's. Talked to Sher; she went to movie as is her custom - Mary Poppins.  Has turned all her TV, phone service disconnected but can use guest wifi till she leaves.  just a little over 2 more days for her.

Wednesday, rested a good bit.  Still in pjs.  Have not combed my hair, had eggs for brunch; fiddled with Christmas pictures and other odds and ends on computer.  Like the wind has gone out of the balloon.  It's overcast and had rained some last night, but about 45 degrees.

Oh - Sunday - mine and Paul's 50th anniversary!!  Sunday School and church (learned that Joy and Ben's anniversary is same day/year as ours).  Cantata during worship service - so pretty.  Afterward Paul and I went to the front and stood for a little while, a quick kiss, same place we started out 50 years ago.

Good Christmas dinner - roast; Charlotte came.  Then we opened gifts and Paul hit the jackpot with Dallas Cowboys shirts.  Matt got me a pretty necklace; Amy - pretty sparkly earrings.  They liked their Smartwool socks and scarf.  They left about 7:30 and Paul and I waited up till she let us know they were home.

I was blessed with energy during the holidays and am thankful.  I think I need another nap soon.

At Mike and Marsha's Sunday.

Christmas Breakfast Tuesday at David and Sandra's.

Jae (plaid shirt) and Jess (left) had to leave just after breakfast.  She's working night shift at the hospital and had only had an hour's rest before coming to her dad's.  She looked pale and tired.  

It's red checked shirt day again!

Billy and Jenni; David, Carol, Paul, Marianna, Amy, Tommy, Matt.  Sandra and I are in front.  

Sher will be here in a week!  And for two weeks, then to Melanie's for about 2 weeks also check on her house in PC; then here for  as long as she wants to be in a teeny tiny town after DC!  She may be a snowbird, spending winters in PC.  But it'll be nice having her near.  She's going to give me art lessons.  

A scary thing happened to Dexter (Amy's dog) the night of the 21st I think - he had a seizure; she took him to the animal hospital and they kept him overnight.  His blood work was fine; it could be a one time occurence or it could be onset of epilepsy.  (Jenni, the vet in our family) said he was a little old to have that; it may have been caused by stress even.  He was fine here all weekend.  Love that little bit.  

Amy and Matt liked the T shirts with Oscar's picture on the front I had made for them. River Raggs did a quick and good job!