Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The cushions were finished and mailed...

Sher's newly decorated kitchen. (Mama's little white table and chairs.)  The patio beyong.

The cushions find their place... Sher's birthday gift from me.

While in Italy (Tommy and Carol), she was fortunate to sing with this choir. 

She is on the back row, second from left with dark-framed glasses.

My second attempt at "Patricia." It still turned out too small. There is a seam allowance, but not as much as there should be.

Leaders and Enders.

My weird bruise. Asking the doctor about it Thursday. Been there awhile; started out dark purple, no recollection of hitting it.

What my sewing room has become.

The fabric I decided to use for "Patricia" using paper piece method.

The pieces of the block. Finished will be only 6 inches.

Class reunion meeting yesterday at the library. L-R, Fredda McCune, JoAnn Bolton (visible in next picture), Lou Kingen, Brenda Whitfield, George Yow, Harold Lomenick.

Today I picked up Jo and we went to Belmont to the Mexican restaurant there for Red Hat meeting. Thirty-two of us there plus two granddaughters of ladies.  The hostesses had "Dirty Santa" (Christmas in July) and it took a while to play, with 32; I had #32, which was good in a way - anything not already "dead" I got to choose from. I ended up with nesting boxes with birdhouses on them.

Paul has another blood clot - in the right leg this time. His calf and down to his foot was swelled and I told him he had to go see about it. After doctor visit and ultrasound, the clinic called and said it was a blood clot and put him on Eliquis. He returns for follow-up in September. Don't know what has caused this one. He hasn't smoked in almost two years... Of course, it could be some other reason; plaque...

My back and leg seem to have flared up again. I don't know if the injection just didn't work this time, or if I have overdone in the relief of having little to no pain... for about 4 days. My foot is tingly, pin-prickly, not a good sensation. My left leg hurts all the way from where he put the shot in down to my toes. Seems like the last time I got an injection it took a couple of weeks for it to be fully effective. Hoping that's the case here. 

Thursday, July 07, 2016


After being up literally half the night, I'm still on high speed this morning. I have gotten a lot done, though, but I dread the crash. Oh, well, I'll just go to bed and sleep, which I can do now, not like when working and losing most of a night's sleep. The girls (Donna and Gwen) are here cleaning the house.

Sher went to the doctor this morning for back pain. No infection; strained back somehow (can't imagine), and muscle relaxer. Just talked to her and she'd taken one and was gonna watch her soap, All My Children.

Book at the library to pick up. Box to find for Sher's cushions. Only two things on my to-do list today. But I've been busy anyway - dusted all the rose bushes because I saw a beetle. Trimmed the dead ones off Brenda's rose in back yard. Washed blanket from our bed. Would put on line, but too heavy to carry. Watered our little bell pepper plants (only one pepper so far), and other plants on the carport. Mailed a check to Rita Casey for Needle Chasers T-shirt.

I was up writing last night, and later downloaded a lot of pictures from my phone. 

My Featherweight June-Bug that I won on eBay. $302.48 including shipping. $270 for machine. I thought a good deal. Seller said excellent condition, in original case. Has the original instruction book, some more feet, 4 spools. I'd say at 9.5 out of a 10. I had to order a bobbin winder thingy. This one is out of round and I couldn't straighten it. Man, they are made sturdy! I don't know what kinda lick this had to have to make it warped. I ordered the part from Sewing Machine Parts Online, plus a new wheel band. I've ordered from them before and they're reasonable and fast.

Oiled and cleaned as much as I dare. Really there isn't a lot to take apart on this. The gears do need grease - what was in there looked like ear wax! But I oiled it and it's fine for now. The sample stitching is all I've done on it. It's so cute! Even I can lift it! The case is baking in the back of Paul's truck to kill the bacteria and smell (online advice from several); terrible stink. The old glue.  There's still a hint of it on the machine, but I took out the oil drip catcher underneath (and ordered 2 extra ones), and that helped. Also took old thread off the bobbin.

Beautiful stitches. Bobbin thread stitches looks just like this.

Three or four different colors on the bobbin. Like I used to do. Finish off a round with whatever I needed at the moment. (Not there's only one color per bobbin.)

And cleaned all the extra feet, which I'll have to learn their functions. There are two keys to the case, and a little screwdriver, too.

The name seemed to fit. I called Aunt Ginny Lady-Bug. She said a lot of her family and Sara Hayes called her June-Bug. So this is for her.


Finally gave in and made an appointment with Dr. Harriman, the ortho doctor I've been going to for probably 8-10 years. My sciatic nerve was not improving on its own and it was time to suck up my courage and go. It hasn't been too bad this time - at least not till I woke at 11:30 and now I'm still up at 2. But I did get a 9:00 - 11:30 nap.  After a couple of days, it always kicks in. And I get some rest.


Saturday Paul and I went to see Salinda and Richard (Jennifer, their daughter; Amanda, Jennifer's daughter; Sherree, Salinda's niece-in-law).  Richard had asked me for Sammy's phone number and he got hold of him, so he came while we were there. (He and Hosea favor, I think). I like him a lot - nice, hard-worker (farrier).  First time I can remember meeting him, though years ago (probably 30ish) I met him when Paul, Amy and I would visit Slip, Jean (his parents) when we'd be here for a visit. He's 63, looks younger. Wayne is the oldest (67); Sammy (63); Toney (54, and who recently died - so young); and Gene, the youngest, I don't know his age. Salinda hadn't seen him in a long time; I had sent her a picture of Toney from his obituary and a copy of that, and she said she hadn't seen him in 10 years probably. We had a really nice, fun visit and Sherree, the jigsaw puzzle expert, Salinda and I (helping - right), worked on Mona Lisa. Sherree has a knack for seeing where pieces go...   So that was the 2nd.

Sunday, the 3rd, we went to church and SS, then Paul grilled hamburgers at chicken breasts; no church that night. I don't know what set off the sciatica; a number of things I'm sure... But by July 4, I was in misery with a burning, sensitive leg and foot all the way down my left side. Didn't to much at all; took Aleve, which proved not so good after 3 of them (but 12 hours apart; stomach burn). Decided that I'd call Dr. H office early Tuesday morning for appointment. Blessedly, there was one today, one day later. Paul drove (bless his heart - how many doctors' appointments has he chauffered me to?). We ate at Perkins and it was as full as I've ever seen. We did enjoy our hot lunch and after getting to the doctor's building about maybe a mile away, had to wait about 30 minutes. So he gave me the shot, and we were on our way home. My blood pressure has been good this time; I haven't taken it, but I know when it goes up and it hasn't. 

Stopped in Corinth for gas ($1.82); cleaners to pick up jackets I got from AG's; Merl Normal for make-up. Oscar glad to see us. Good to be home.

This morning's devotional (Journey) was about the tongue being set on fire by hell. Actually it was yesterday's devotion, but I read it today because I sure needed it yesterday, and prayed that the Lord would put a guard over my mouth. The fuse yesterday was my good deed in taking misdelivered mail to Tiffany's down the road; it's the end of the mail route so her box is just inside her drive and the carrier can reach it from the right hand side of the mail truck; so I got out and put it in, seeing as I do't have a right hand side drive. Turned and walking back to the car and out of NOWHERE were their two half grown lab puppies - probably 70 pounds each - soooo happy to see me - and I have a sliced arm to show for it. One's paw caught the top of my forearm and the nails, oh the nails! Triangular skin peeled and scrapes in two long swaths!  Showed Paul. Started to tell me I should have let him put the letters in our box, etc... and I told him I didn't need a lecture. But not nicely. Was hurt, bleeding, feelings a little - no, a lot - and I just let rip. Felt so bad afterward. I found guaze squares to tape on; and later he asked if he needed to get some big bandages. I told him no, I had found some from when he had his carbuncle.  Neosporin, covered wound for a couple of days and usually the skin grows back, but takes forever for the blood that's seeped under my thin skin to go away. So, I prayed that I would SOP AND THINK about what and how I said things, and there was James telling me how this morning. 

Sher's cushions finished. The cording came yesterday for one side of the second one, I'd run out. So I knew better how to proceed with #2, and by the time we left, all I had to do was sew up the slit where the cushion pad had to be re-inserted. I did that between leaving home and reaching about Corinth.

Friday, July 01, 2016


The only time I've left the house for any distance this week was to drive to Sonic for hamburgers last night. Had absolutely nothing on my calendar, social or otherwise. No bra the whole week except the trip to Sonic. Well, you never know. 

The lovely day it rained and thundered like Thor, Lucy was terrified. So I brought her in and she spent the day in the middle of our bed.

Yes, it was a lazy day. Safe and sound.

Later she helped me at the computer.
 All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

I started on Sher's cushion covers for her birthday. The top white (inside out) is the old cover I used for a pattern.

Using strips, too.

The ties for the back.

This wad is all the bias strips that'll go around the cording. Of which I was about one perimeter short, so I ordered some. And some more stuff.

Thelma and I enjoying the cooler, no-humidity day later in the week. I made those cushion covers, too. Just simple envelope type. I have fabric to re-do these but they're at the bottom/near bottom of my list. Who knew I'd have "lists" when I retired? Even on weeks when nothing is scheduled. But I do better if I can tick off projects.

These Two Cats. Like my puppies. Follow me everywhere. 

Some chin scratching or marking or whatever it is they do.

And wa-la! One is finished.  I sent Sher a picture - she was surprised how large the flowers are. But likes it - I have the other one half done, waiting on the cord. Didn't know how I'd get close enough the encase it, but YouTube saved the day! A young lady about 20 years old said use your zipper foot! It works!

Before and after. The one I made could actually have been just a wee bit smaller, but the cushion fits just fine inside it.  Oh, Carol asked me to hem a pair of pants for her and brought them over. Got those finished pretty quickly. Will pick up today. 

Love this from Bonnie K. Hunter's Quiltville site.

From one of Bonnie's retreats - three sisters. I think the lady in pick could be my twin. Sher saw pic and said it looks like me, too; but Paul didn't think so.

And cats make nests, too. Love how she has circled this around her.

I've been looking at Farmer's Wife 1930's quilt sew along  on FB and the book (which I have) trying to decide if I want to do it - well, I DO want to make some of the blocks. I opened the CD last night and printed "Patricia." It looks fairly straightforward, so I may try that. There are templates for each block (6" blocks, which is small, considering the number of pieces some of the blocks have); as well as paper-piece diagrams.  So of course I discover I do need some SOLIDS, which I really have very few of. Onto Missouri Star I go, and soon have 30 different pieces of solids, totaling $182. So I cut it down to 1/2 hard each instead of 1 yard each. That helped, but there's free shipping on orders over $100. I'm always in this "dilemma." Like books: So many quilts, so little time. (Sew many...) I think I like planning and choosing fabrics better than actually putting blocks together. It requires a long-term commitment, but you know, if I don't start, I will have zilch, zero, nothing... It's part of the process. The process is part of the "creativity." Like magazines, I can hardly bear to cut into a new piece of fabric.  Then I think, Now how many years do you think you'll be able to do this??? Fewer than I had.

Paul is going to Piperton this afternoon to look at a Jeep. Yesterday he went to Russellville, AL. Didn't like. It's all in the looking and in the trips. Much like looking at fabrics, don't you think? I suppose I compare my "fabric money" to his "gas money." It's all in what we like to do, and I'm thankful to be able to do it.

Sher is under so much stress. Part of it is her nature - and I am, or was, like that. Not as much now. No "boss" to answer to. A lot is her job...Yesterday she said she wanted to quit her job and live in Aunt Ginny's house. Joking, of course, but something I've often thought about.Having her (or Amy) next door - to walk about 250 steps through the woods (need a bridge for the drainage ditch) to her house. (The girls used to do that when they were little - Wen-Wen built the bridges. The girls rode his golf cart all around. Such good summer days for Amy... But Sher's "dream" retirement home (if it were here) is the house Papa built at Glen.  Oh, well - it's dreams. I just hope if David does sell the house, whoever buys it is a good neighbor and likes old people.  (It'd be another big dream to have it as my detached studio, but I can't see that happening. Just a dream.  I've read too many books!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We had a lot going on last week, so I am ready for some down time this week. The rain was nice, it's cloudy today, I got one of Sher's cushions "deconstructed" that I'm going to re-cover. (1 of 2)

Goobie and Papa's monument had fallen completely over, down hillward. I talked to the monument company and they could repair it for $275. I let the sibs know, but Steve and Mike thought they could do it. And they did, along with Paul's help. Smart men! They're the best.

This was a total surprise for Brenda; Paul and I, Fredda and Sam went and she never figured out why we were there, except she might have mentioned it was family day (it was Father's Day), at Springhill. For once she was totally speechless. Member of the year! She (and Jim) are both hard workers.

Her "Iuka family," David, Cindy, Austin (middle, next to Andrew; Alex in front.

Classmates, friends for 50+ years! Brenda, me and Fredda.

Brother J B Burns, pastor, presents plaque to Brenda. (It was also his 80th birthday, which we attended the following Thursday. Jim, Sidney (Whitehurst) and others cooked fish; it was a feast and a lot of fun. Afterward, good Southern gospel singing out of the Mull Singing Convention Number 7.

Took Mike some Powell's sausage. This is a few days after they set the monument.

So happy with it.

Beautiful Pleasant Hill Methodist Church.

Tuesday the 21st, Friends of the Library hosted Rheta Grimsley Johnson, newspaper columnist and book author. I bought her book, also one for Sher. The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge: A Memoir in Dog Years.  Rheta and her husband live at Fish Trap Hollow, which is between Eastport and Mill Creek. The next day, I saw and spoke to them both at the post office; she was on her way to another engagement in Tupelo.  

And on Thursday, I along with 8 other members of Needle Chasers quilt guild helped 9 kids make a small simple quilt. For most it was their first encounter with a sewing machine. There were two boys in the class, which I was glad to see.

The lady on the left is Sharon Stegall, who headed the project. On the right is Lola Robinson, also a member of our church.

Jean Crane, who spoke at 20th Century Club meeting a couple of months ago, my guest. Also fellow church member.

This is Battle, who was very proud of the quilt I helped him with. He was in the 6th grade, and somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of movie and TV facts, was reading the first book of a sci fi genre I can't remember now, and like games on the computer.

Gail Stables and her granddaughter.

Sharon Stegall and one of Jean Crane's nieces.

Battle's sister Katie, who was a bit young for intense concentration, and her feet wouldn't reach the peddle, so she danced in her pretty lace dress, sparkly little girl heels, and strips of trimming scraps.

All 9 finished! So proud. Left to Right, back: Battle; Girl in yellow and one beside her (back row) are sisters, Jean's nieces; then there's Alex. Front: Katie, Gail's granddaughter, don't know the next one's name; then Terrie Whitehurst's granddaughter, and on the end, I don't know. All terrific kids and ladies 

Paul with Shiloh, our great niece; Whitney and Greg's baby. This is at Jeff and Jessica Lockler's 30th birthday party (about a month's age apart), hosted by Tommy and Carol. Was nice to be invited - delicious salad, homemade manicotti. Two pictures I didn't get because I thought it would be too obvious: Tommy and Greg; Tommy holding Shiloh. There's a story there, and I won't tell it here.

Daddy's girl.

Other guests. This was at our fellowship hall.

Pretty cake and not so much thick frosting!

The honorees arrive, totally surprised!

Dad found a walking gizmo in the nursery for Shiloh.

Jeff holding Griffin.

Jessica is due with their third child on June 29. I'd say she's ready!

Cute family. (Greg is trying to get the thermostat set cooler.)

Just some things of the sort Sher, Amy, Melanie and I share with each other. By my aches and pains that roam around daily, I'd say my whole foot is in need of something.  Who "figured" this out? 

My geraniums.

One of the columnists at the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Rheta mentioned. This is a sweet book. ($4, aftermarket, Amazon) Rheta said Celestine was the first person to speak to her when she went to work at the AJC, and took her to lunch. A veteran columnist who took the time...