Tuesday, April 18, 2017


So I'll speak to it.

Much has happened since the snow.

I finally got my thyroid meds right. I feel sooo much better. In fact, at one time, I though, O, Lord, I will die. If I don't die I will surely be in the nursing home. Synthroid 125 mcg, Vitamins B and D, Selenium, recently added Vital Choice fish oil (Omega-3).

I joined the Wellness Center - part of North Mississippi Medical Center services. Three days a week - I don't always make the three days, but I'm attempting. Walking - to Aunt Ginny's, around the loop, at least twice now (although I'm have sinus issues - this awful pine pollen is on/in everything); doing arm weights. Sher has been my "coach" - exercises, all the above, change of diet, education. Every week for 10 weeks now she has sent me "instructions" for the week - encouragement! Couldn't have done it without her. And in the process she has been working on weight loss and has lost 27 pounds.

And she'll be here April 30 for 5 days! 

Then in June she's going to England!

We got a new washer - Whirlpool. Top load with no agitator. So far so good. Paul washed a ton of laundry yesterday and last night.  The old Kenmore began to vibrate violently during the rinse cycle. Had diagnostic done on it - $84.  To fix: $500.  We put the $500 on a new one. Lowe's.

I went to the doctor - Vicki Hall NP - about my sinuses. "Baby shot" of steroid to help dry up sinuses. Using Flonase. Hall's cough drops. Not much I can take for that. No infection and trying to avoid antibiotics.  Did my 6-month Medicare check up (mostly questions); lab results, which were great. Only concern is kidney function - it's "55" and it has improved from "50" - a number indicator of what "stage" the function is in. There are 5 states and I'm in #3. But since I saw Dr. Dey (endocrinologist) it has improved; I've been drinking more water. Amiodarone is a culprit, so is dehydration and so is ibuprofen, etc. So try to grin and bear it. 

My routine check ups have all been good - cardio - good; eyes - good (pressure in both 12); Dr. Dey - good. Blood pressure spikes I'd been having have ceased - only a couple in last 6 weeks - one when I had steroid shot for sciatica. Thinking thyroid is the problem for many of these dysfunctions - and that is caused by the amiodarone. Catch-22.  Return to them 4-6 months for check ups. I do need to reschedule pulmonary function (annual, per Dr. Johnson - cardio - yes, amiodarone); and a Dexascan - machine currently down.

Went to book club (The Joy Luck Club) and 20th Century Club meetings last Thursday.

Amy (and Dexter) was home for Easter.  We didn't do anything particular - she slept late - didn't go to church. Always hard getting around when we have company - family - we don't get to see as often as we'd like. I made roast, deviled eggs, had pintos from day before, creamed potatoes, pears, slaw. All good. Sent home dishes to Matt, who didn't come.

It rained a little last night; cloudy and damp this morning. Thinking I'll go sew some on Amy's quilt - a string quilt - 144 blocks. 

Haven't tried the pic download from iphone lately. occurred to me the ipad might download, so i'll try it. Lots of spring pics, Amy's quilt, kitties, Oscar (who has been so quiet today - guess he's feeling the effects of this break in weather - lazy). Paul is cutting brush and "trimmed" the fir tree that Oscar loves to smell when we walk. I told him to cut it down - it looks awful. DK why he thought it had to be trimmed. I really have to watch him, and I wasn't watching.

Cellular voice service out our way has been awful the last week. Finally called ATT themselves and a rep told me to change settings temporarily. It worked - we can actually call out and hear now. Will request the credit when issue is resolved. Ed. Very patient.

Neighbor/plumber Bo Johnson supposed to come noonish to fix leak in washer pipe - Paul said a board had rotted where the pipes come through; also drips in my sink and bathtub. 

Getting a little hungry so will try to round up something healthy.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


My great nephew Tyler and great niece Addilyn - her first snow. 

Our driveway, toward the county road.

Addilyn, "frozen" - didn't know what to think. Pictures taken by Morgan.

Paul used a Christmas gift certificate from Amy and Matt for new shelves for the garage.

Sunday, January 01, 2017


I'm thinking so... Eleven years. If I continue it won't be in the same format or as often, and  it's already pretty sparse.  So here is Christmas 2016...

Lucy and Thelma pose by the tree.

At Tommy and Carol's for Christmas Breakfast.

Papa T with Shiloh.

The three red checked shirts. 

Shiloh, Greg and Whit - what a long way we've come!

Family photo.

Whit jumping. I had the camera set on action and it captured this great moment.

Amy and Paul looking up someone in one of his annuals.

Treat jar from Mel.

From Mel.

Keeping their distance.

Was he that good this year?

Hidden prizes (gift cards) in the candy box celophane.

Go Dawgs and Dexter!

 Unicorns are Jerks...

Cool shades.

Found my gift card.

For his garage.

She loved the Dexter "toy" figurine.

New shirts.

Art supplies.

Redoing his bathroom.

Just a wish book!

Welders' gloves for the crematory.

Old night light, flickered off and on.  It looks like Amy with the flipped hair. The portrait Mama painted.

My new black and white Vera Bradley purse from Amy.

Girls' little party at Charlotte's. Her home is alwasy so cheerful. She does a great job decorating.

Villamae Ledgewood and Brenda.


I got to wear the Rudolph nose.


So there is another year. 

I'm starting a gratitude journal, as suggested by Beverly E in Sunday School. I did one several years ago (Oprah), and filled one completely. I started another and skipped around the years in it, not consecutive. I've ordered a third-party seller one from Amazon for this year.

I'll occasionally show up here; just not out of guilt or pressure! I just don't plan to have as many photos. We'll see. I have I think 3 other years' worth of journals I'd like to have printed in the book format.  May do that throughout this year.

Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings of the year. There were challenges as well, mostly health-related, and loss of friends and Aunt Ginny. But --- Never, never, never give up.