Saturday, February 10, 2018


It has warmed up considerably, and I've been in the sewing room quite a bit. It's slow going on the 6" blocks, but I enjoy making them - the whole process - choosing the blocks (trying to stay with the FB group doing alphabetically), choosing the fabrics, cutting the pieces, putting the puzzle together (lots of ripping out), the final pressing and recording in the block book the dates started and finished.  They end up in a notebook for now.  I think I have 16 usable ones so far.

Here's what I've done since the disastrous "Mother":

Just love this one. I may have posted this one before.  Anyway, it's a favorite.  Not as difficult as Mother. This one isn't in the FW book, but it's the right size and I loved it at first sight.

I did this one twice because I sewed ON the seam allowance lines and I usually cut them off when I paper piece. Learning process.

The points on Addie are the best I've done I think. I used freezer paper like always (it keeps the fabric in place), but instead of pre-perforating the sewing lines, I sewed ON the sewing lines (without folding the piece "over" the seam line.  

I've developed a UTI.  I had one last year I thought I'd die from. Maybe I caught this one in time it won't be so bad. Back hurts some, second day and not as much as yesterday. Dr. Robertson yesterday and have RX (taking) for it - Cefdinir.

We ate at Pizza Grocery last night in Corinth. Really nice Italian place.  I had 4 cheese something and it was good but I liked Paul's chicken alfredo better.  I like to try new things, but think I'll get his standby next time.

Started raining this morning about 6; let the kitties in. Lucy went right to "bed," Thelma needed lap time. Paul went to Jack's; T and I had snooze time.  Lucy pulled a claw way back this week and had to have a bit of surgery.  She has stitches. Thelma will have nothing to do with her.  Jenni said that was normal - they know when something's not right - their odor or something.  They were on the same bed yesterday, but not cuddling and grooming as usual.

I had prayed about giving one or some of my American Girl dolls homes, and Charlotte and I fell into a conversation about dolls this week (went to Corinth), and I said, Prayer answered.  The blond with the dowdy pink dress (came that way) - I'm going to make her a beautiful outfit and give her to Char.  She was thrilled.  It was difficult first time I looked at her and thought, oh, I'm breaking up my triplets, but it's okay now.  Happy she will make my friend happy.

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Last Friday's snow melted.. I still didn't get out for church. My sinuses have been bone dry/full of gunk and I'm so trying to avoid antibiotics.  Monday I kept an eye checkup appointment in Corinth (good pressure - 12 in both eyes) and stopped at Treasure Chest for visit with Theresa and pick up "some" solid fat quarters.  West alone as Paul had had some dizziness - vertigo or sinus. Tuesday we had more snow and deeper than Friday's. We've been iced/snowed/colded in all week; it's melting now.  I'm ready for warm weather, but have to say it's been nice to be confined. Many's the day I had to go to work on it regardless - ice, snow, no power (slept at City Hall).  So Paul got out for a bit this morning and it was nice to have the house by myself for a little while.

It's been really too cold to get in the sewing room. If I have the space heater on it dries out the air so much. It's chilly without it, my two rooms being on the NW and SW end of the house.

So I've piddled. Watched some Netflix (The Crown - very good.)

Monday (15th) Teri has been gone 12 years.

Corner of the lower yard. Oscar got disoriented once on potty break and went on the outside of the fence. He came to the gate at the bottom of the yard to be let in. He thought he was inside at the carport gate!  Loved running in the snow, but I could just see him taking off in the woods, getting lost!  Now we go out with the leash even in daytime until the snow blanket is gone and he can tell where he is.

This crow (and a buddy) in the dogwood tree near the house.  He appeared to be eating the tree bark.  We didn't have any bird seed.  Nearest the house I believe I've seen crows.

I guess I "edited" (marked up) Oscar's pic - didn't realize it until I posted this.

This cat.  But Lucy is even lazier. Lucy comes in in the morning and stays on Amy's bed till we put her out at night. (They go to the heated garage! Has food and water.)  Lucy is very maternal and loving; Lucy is a crybaby.

She got tangled up in the thread off the thread stand.

"Why aren't you sewing?  Why is this covered up?"

"Whose woods these are I think I know..."  (Frost)
Go see if I can sort out (once again) my fabric.  I pulled all the colors needed for On Ringo Lake (Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt), and of course didn't make it.  Now they're all in there in a laundry basket and I can't get to anything in the closet.  Have two sets of fabrics pulled for two Farmer's Wife blocks. Waiting on some tiny cherry dotted on black background (as if I couldn't have used what I have...)  Using Mary Engelbreit print from 1990's. Actually ordered 2 yards of the from Etsy seller.  One of my all-time favorite fabrics.  

Planning to put this in a the center of a block called "Alice." Only 53 pieces in a 6' block.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I made this block this week - took 4 days, off and on, cutting, sewing, stewing... It was horrible and looks horrible. I may do it over as it is not worthy of its name. So disappointed.  Lessons learned - too busy, don't use stripes, modify when it doesn't matter (the tiny center blocks), don't overscale the fabric print. (This is a 6" block (finished).  Actually it might've been okay except for the stripes. Maybe.

After the extreme single-digit temps last week, we had a little snow Thursday. A couple of days before, however, it was in the 60's.  While it was snowing, I could hear what I call snow thunder. It's a deep vibration that reverberates all around. It was windy, but I don't think the wind made this sound.  I've heard it before when it snowed.

Morgan posted this of Tyler on FB and I borrowed it.  There was a good one of him and his dog last year in January's snow. Addilyn wanted no part of this year, she said.

January, 2017

January, 2018

Lucy and Thelma have been hanging out on Amy's bed during the day. At night I'm almost sure they go to the heated garage. Paul has the gas heater on and there's food and water for them. They always go to the door (of the house) when they need to go outside for their business.

I guess I'll start another block. Chose the colors - it's Addie; the group has begun another sew along and this time they're doing them in alphabetical order.  It appears fairly easy so maybe I'll feel like I've accomplished something this time.

Amy finished at work early yesterday and got to go home about 2.  The night before a huge limb fell from that huge tree in their yard and narrowly missed the edge of the house.  Not the first time they've had trouble with it.

Paul has felt dizzy again today.  I'm thinking it's sinus - my head felt not well today till I took a shower - I guess the hot water helped.

Sher and some friends have gone to see a Vermeer exhibit in DC. There was a story about it on 60 Minutes last week I think, and she sent me a video link.  

Made chicken chili (white) today. It's okay; Paul said he'd eat it, after sampling.  I had him to so I'd know if I'd have to go get something in town later.  Not as good as red beef chili.

Saturday, January 06, 2018


A week of sustained single-digit temperatures.  Highest has been maybe 39 or so.  Mr. C. used to call this kind of weather "3-dog cold," meaning it would take 3 dogs huddled to keep warm.

Besides trying to doctor varying degrees of cold and sinus infection, what I've been working on---

From Farmer's Wife book

From Mishka's Playground. Have had this pattern a while. Sher and I worked on hers before she left.  She chose the plaids from my stash, and arranged the placements.  Turned out really nice.  Old shirt factory scraps, from 1970's at least.

Though you wouldn't know it from how it looked on the back.  This is with the freezer paper foundation still attached.  It all straightened out.

My next block is "Mother," from FW.  None of these 6" (finished) blocks is "easy," but a challenge and I get to play with fabric, color, colored pencils, scissors, sewing machine, and a nice little block to add to my notebook.  Maybe one day I'll have enough of them for at least a lap quilt.  I just like the intricacy - like a puzzle, too.

Monday, January 01, 2018


It's "three-dog cold," as Mr. C. used to say. 12* this morning, with a high of 23.

I'm working on a Farmer's Wife quilt block and something's wrong with it. I see some ripping out or starting over.  Once I get the prep work done, I can hardly wait to finish a block. I paper piece, so the prep takes longer.  I think the templates for this one were lacking a couple.

Paul has gone to the grocery store. I thought we might go to Rosie's or Rigatoni's this afternoon, but it's just too cold to get out.  The kitties are on Amy's bed (amazingly Paul "told" Thelma, when she turned up this morning, to get on the bed!), and will be there till we put them out tonight. Paul has the heat on in the garage, so they're not lacking for a warm place to sleep. Plenty of food and water.

I've been putting Lucy's food in the bathtub so Oscar can't beat her to it, but she didn't eat it this morning.  I heard him barking from the bathroom and he wanted her food! I let him have it one day, but he doesn't need it.  I finally had to put it back in the can so he'd stop.

Old calendar cleaned out and new one turned to January this morning. Hardly seems possible 2017 went so fast. I'm still surprised how fast the years go by now. And this is my 70th birthday year! How did that happen!  Of course, I'm glad it did. The girl inside can't get used to sharing space with that old woman!

This chicken ain't right...