Saturday, January 13, 2018


I made this block this week - took 4 days, off and on, cutting, sewing, stewing... It was horrible and looks horrible. I may do it over as it is not worthy of its name. So disappointed.  Lessons learned - too busy, don't use stripes, modify when it doesn't matter (the tiny center blocks), don't overscale the fabric print. (This is a 6" block (finished).  Actually it might've been okay except for the stripes. Maybe.

After the extreme single-digit temps last week, we had a little snow Thursday. A couple of days before, however, it was in the 60's.  While it was snowing, I could hear what I call snow thunder. It's a deep vibration that reverberates all around. It was windy, but I don't think the wind made this sound.  I've heard it before when it snowed.

Morgan posted this of Tyler on FB and I borrowed it.  There was a good one of him and his dog last year in January's snow. Addilyn wanted no part of this year, she said.

January, 2017

January, 2018

Lucy and Thelma have been hanging out on Amy's bed during the day. At night I'm almost sure they go to the heated garage. Paul has the gas heater on and there's food and water for them. They always go to the door (of the house) when they need to go outside for their business.

I guess I'll start another block. Chose the colors - it's Addie; the group has begun another sew along and this time they're doing them in alphabetical order.  It appears fairly easy so maybe I'll feel like I've accomplished something this time.

Amy finished at work early yesterday and got to go home about 2.  The night before a huge limb fell from that huge tree in their yard and narrowly missed the edge of the house.  Not the first time they've had trouble with it.

Paul has felt dizzy again today.  I'm thinking it's sinus - my head felt not well today till I took a shower - I guess the hot water helped.

Sher and some friends have gone to see a Vermeer exhibit in DC. There was a story about it on 60 Minutes last week I think, and she sent me a video link.  

Made chicken chili (white) today. It's okay; Paul said he'd eat it, after sampling.  I had him to so I'd know if I'd have to go get something in town later.  Not as good as red beef chili.

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