Tuesday, December 20, 2016


So here we are at the end of another year!Sometimes I think I will give this up - I just don't write, our journal or anything like I used to. But I probably won't. It's an album of the year, though at times the events are scarce.  Ten full years of stuff, bound in books for Amy to ponder over someday! Full of memories. Seems like I've always wanted to leave memories, or a trail of myself, since my memory is not the best. A history. A "footprint." (Though I really don't like that word - used for everything's footprint. But I suppose everything does. Even cats leave hair on the sheet I have for them to lie on; they eat; they love me. Well... they're part of my life, as is Oscar, not just a footprint...

Although I don't think I do much, I was trying to file digital pix today and there've been a lot of things I've passed over since Thanksgiving.  So here's a photojournal, one of the last for the year. Christmas will likely be the last, then there's another book to be bound.

Paul rebuilt his trailer - the wood had rotted. This is treated wood. Looks so good!

Trying to get things moved around in sewing room. It was a mess while getting cubbies put up, new little sofa in there. Steve painted the green wall.

The mirror from the dresser that was in the sewing room. It was Mama Nick's and in not great shape. I gave it to Steve to use for something.

This was at the Friends of the Library bean dinner. Sher was here, so was mid-October. Sher, me, Brenda, Charlotte.

He just acts like he doesn't like the cats.

Dexter. Love the moufy.

Sher's bedroom at her apartment.

Choice of thread to free motion quilt her wallhanging. She chose the second from bottom. King Tut "De Nile" I think it's called. 

Practice before the real practice.

And the real wall hanging.

A little whimsy on the back. She's saving it to open Christmas day.

Harvest Fest at church. Ginger Hancock, our pastor's wife was doing the popcorn.

Becky Murphy at the table.

Whitney, Shiloh and Greg.

Red Bay, Alabama - the Sunday School class went to a Christmas play there one Sunday afternoon. "Christmas Belles"

Tuesday's 3rd birthday party. This is Mike with Addilyn. Morgan made her and Addilyn's mother/daughter tops.

Grandmommy with Addilyn.

Ben, Tuesday and Heather.

Marsha made the cake.

Tyler helped open gifts.

She loved her Sophia doll I got her.

She didn't stay long with Paul.

My "Aunt Margaret" cactus in the garage. Guess I'll have to divide it this year.  So big and beautiful, and heavy.

The little one inside bloomed, too.

The 13 zippered bags I made for the 20th Century girls.

Billie Burke Thomas's 100th birthday reception at the Little Church. Paul and one of her sons were classmates.

Two more of his classmates: Roger Byrd, Paul, Tommy Drake.

Brenda Brown Irwin, another classmate.

Amy and Matt went to Bass Pro. This happened to be her birthday.

Book Club party at the library. Fredda's snowmen.

Oscar was twelve on December 8.

The bag I made for Charlotte.

 Thelma and Lucy's napping place in the day.

My batik bag.

20th Century Club Social at Lil Smokie's.

Classmates, Fredda, me, Brenda.

That night, the Sunday School Christmas party. I was pooped. I'd had a sinus infection and being out in the wind and overdoing it overdid me!

Lucy has just discovered water in the toilet.

And that's all till Christmas. I'll have to do some editing on this one, but just wanted to get it ON HERE.

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