Sunday, January 01, 2017


I'm thinking so... Eleven years. If I continue it won't be in the same format or as often, and  it's already pretty sparse.  So here is Christmas 2016...

Lucy and Thelma pose by the tree.

At Tommy and Carol's for Christmas Breakfast.

Papa T with Shiloh.

The three red checked shirts. 

Shiloh, Greg and Whit - what a long way we've come!

Family photo.

Whit jumping. I had the camera set on action and it captured this great moment.

Amy and Paul looking up someone in one of his annuals.

Treat jar from Mel.

From Mel.

Keeping their distance.

Was he that good this year?

Hidden prizes (gift cards) in the candy box celophane.

Go Dawgs and Dexter!

 Unicorns are Jerks...

Cool shades.

Found my gift card.

For his garage.

She loved the Dexter "toy" figurine.

New shirts.

Art supplies.

Redoing his bathroom.

Just a wish book!

Welders' gloves for the crematory.

Old night light, flickered off and on.  It looks like Amy with the flipped hair. The portrait Mama painted.

My new black and white Vera Bradley purse from Amy.

Girls' little party at Charlotte's. Her home is alwasy so cheerful. She does a great job decorating.

Villamae Ledgewood and Brenda.


I got to wear the Rudolph nose.


So there is another year. 

I'm starting a gratitude journal, as suggested by Beverly E in Sunday School. I did one several years ago (Oprah), and filled one completely. I started another and skipped around the years in it, not consecutive. I've ordered a third-party seller one from Amazon for this year.

I'll occasionally show up here; just not out of guilt or pressure! I just don't plan to have as many photos. We'll see. I have I think 3 other years' worth of journals I'd like to have printed in the book format.  May do that throughout this year.

Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings of the year. There were challenges as well, mostly health-related, and loss of friends and Aunt Ginny. But --- Never, never, never give up.

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