Saturday, November 26, 2016


Jenni and Billy hosted Thanksgiving at their newly redorated house Thursday. They've done a wonderful job bringing it up to date.  Twelve of us there. Missing were Jay (Jess's husband-had to work) and Marianna (in England).  Amy and Matt were early but went to Tommy and Carol's thinking the dinner was there! Funny. 

All us sisters-in-law took dishes, about like last year's menu. Paul kept saying (after last year) there was too much food. But how can you leave out any one thing at Thanksgiving? I think everyone had at least one spoonful of everything and it filled a plate. Jenni used Aunt Ginny's china. I asked her if she knew it had to be "hand washed." She said she did. Aunt Ginny never put them in a dishwasher, and I'm sure you're not supposed to anyway. 

Everyone who had not, got to meet Levon Helm, Jenni's one-eared pig. He wanted in so bad. Big pet. Rescue from the vet's office. Came in for treatment and one of his ears fell off. Found it two weeks later. Dexter was there, busily trying to help by picking up crumbs.  Afterward, Amy, Matt and Dex went on back to Memphis, as it was already 3:00. 

Amy decided to postpone her foot surgery for several reasons: new insurance first of the year; more questions for the doctor.  Cancelled our room reservations in Germantown; Oscar's kenneling next week. I'm glad she feels okay enough to do that; hate for her to be "down" at Christmas-time.

Not sure if I/we will put up a tree. I didn't two years ago and missed all the old ornaments. The tree and decorations are in my shed this year, so should be easier to get put up.  Last year we put it up because Christmas breakfast was here. Carol has it this year and then Sandra, so will be 2018 my turn again. We had Shiloh at Thanksgiving; she'll be one on December 15. Maybe another one by 2018... Who knows? Just thankful for family, blessings, and blood pressure medicine (finally) that is working and not making me a wreck.

Shiloh trying out the stairs.

David, Billy, Paul looking out the back toward the barn.

Beautiful big kitchen. Sandra, Jessica.


Greg, Tommy, Carol, Amy. Love the horse picture.

David, Paul, Jenni, Billy. The beam that was a support wall. They had it covered in timber, rustic look.

 Putting the ice in. She's not only our sweet niece, but our vet!

Amy and Dexter, Jenni, Jess, Matt; Greg, Whitney (so thankful to be able to write that!), with Shiloh, Papa Tommy, Paul, David, Sandra.

 And me - I set it and ran.

Shiloh was everywhere. I was thinking hardly anyone held her, but she was walking everywhere!

And I got these finished today, and labels stuck inside (I hope they stay stuck). Thirteen. I'm glad they're finished, hope they can use them for something, but if I do anything next year, it will be sooner and simpler! Not that these were hard. (I finished those 7 in 4 days.) But, well, sooner would be good.

I have some catching up to do. If I don't get it done this year, hopefully I can do it when I start in January. My back, shoulders and neck will not let me stay at this for long!  All the sewing I actually need to finished now is binding Sher's wallhanging. 

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