Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Every year (for the big total of the past 2 years) I've made little Christmas gifts for the 20th Century Club group. First year it was the mug rugs. Last year the chicken pin cushions. At the risk of any one of them reading this, which I think is pretty much nil, maybe one very remote possibility, I'm working on zippered bags. I've made six complete, 2 zippers in (starting an assembly process) an total of 7 to go. They're made from the left over fabric from Sher's chair cushions. One zipper looks like it has its head buried in the sand and I may do another one and keep that. Total, including Sher, Amy, I've made 8. Seems like there's another one floating out there somewhere.

I've finally got to get back in the sewing room after all that hard labor getting it rearranged. I was beginning to think my back/neck/blood pressure would not let me ever use it again. Depressing. I'm risking it here by uploading over 200 pictures to Shutterly - I'd say I was behind on that, too - and making one of the bags, finishing another, and putting those 2 zippers in. But I'm thankful.

This morning for the only the second time in 3 weeks my BP was 160 over 70 something. And that was with 2 BP meds. Called the doctor, got his assistant. She said don't take it again for 2 hours and do something to take my mind off it. So I got up, took Oscar out - nice breeze - glorious fall sun - Thank You, Lord - then I vacuumed the den and kitchen and mopped it! Then I did some dusting with the Swiffer thingy. By then it was 1:30 and I took the reading - 125/60. Worried myself into a spike. Also she said take the chlorphilodone about 4 or 5, not at bedtime like 8:00. I was so cold last night, didn't sleep well. IDK if it was that or just one of those nights. 

Paul is "campaigning" to be on the TCEPA board of directors. There is a vacancy in our district. Our friend, his Sunday School teacher passed away and Paul is contacting all the other members to "apply." He's trying to personally meet with every one, talk with them. Sent letters yesterday. David knows most of them and has made some calls. Nope, can't keep a "politician" down.

Speaking of which. Trump. Who knew? Apparently no one, least of all HRC.  Saw a tape of her yesterday making a speech the day before and she has aged 10 years. 

A few fall pictures. Aunt Ginny's drive.

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