Thursday, November 03, 2016


I have (hopefully past tense now) been having blood pressure spikes so I finally called Dr. Johnson. He has prescribed hygroton (though generic and I can never remember how to spell it). And it's working! My BP has been in normal range for almost a week now (I started it last Thursday). I almost hold my breath it's working so well. I sure hope it continues. I've noticed I've been having hardly any skips either, which is sooo calming, and restful, and normal. It's wonderful not to have to think about my heart function, although I do - I try not to overdo and have been watching salt intake. Last night I even went to Harvest Fest at church and helped some, stayed about an hour and a half. Then came home and the last game of the World Series was on and I couldn't tear myself away. Paul and I were up till midnight! And my team CUBS won! As everyone knows, first time they've won a World Series in 108 years. It was fantastic. Though the Indians played just as well - being beat by only one point, in the 10th inning. There was the tie, then there was a rain delay. I'm not usually so involved in a game that I'll watch start to finish, but this was historical!Image result for chicago cubs

I slept till 8:30 today, then went at 11:00 and got my hair cut. Sher is in Ohio this week for a week's training in her new job. Paul bought a leaf rake and has been enjoying these pretty days outside. 

And Amy will be home this weekend. Her foot is hardly any better and she has been advised that surgery is likely. She's seeing Dr. Harriman Tuesday - the doctor who operated on my ankle and who still helps my back with injections. She's so down and I hate it for her. She's been working, too, and I know she's in a lot of pain. If she has surgery, I want her to let us bring her here so we can take care of her - she's supposed to stay off her foot for 6 weeks. She broke it August 16.

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