Wednesday, October 26, 2016


While Sher was here, we got  the family together on that Sunday afternoon for chili and hot dogs:

Sweet snuggly Addilyn with her great aunties...

"Devie" (Steve)

Cousins Tyler and Tuesday. Tyler and Addilyn are sibs. 

 She's so calm and agreeable.

Ben and Heather, parents of Tuesday.

The T cousins loved playing in the trees.

So thankful for Paul and my brothers.

Lots of dappled sun that day.

Paul and Steve. 

Ben and Paul

Lining up for the "sibs' portrait." We didn't know the sun was so dapply - it beamed right on Mike's forehead - we got so tickled!

Good close-up crop of Sher.

Better - love the sun even if it washed us out a little. Years ago we could hardly get Mike to do this. Now he says, "Get in the same order!" (Mocking me.) I don't think we are.

  Marsha with Addilyn, Mike, Morgan (Steven had to work), Ben; Paul, me, Steve.

Tuesday didn't want her picture taken.

Now Marsha has Tuesday, Mike-Addilyn, Mo, Ben, Tyler, Heather; Sher, Paul, Steve.

So until next year's family line-up, God willing. So thankful for family!! Wish Amy and Matt could have been here. Still recouping from broken ankle/foot and had to fill in at Canale's this weekend.

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