Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Sher was here from the seventh to the fifteenth and it always goes so fast.  There's so much to do, laugh about, catch up on, visit folks. This was no exception, though I did feel as if we didn't rush so much. She didn't bring work with her! Instead of her work computer at the end of the dining table, we did this:

I left the puzzle out. I just hope no pieces are lost between "times." Can't bear to think of all this work (and fun) and disassemble it - instead I'll use the puzzle saver and do - what - with it? A souvenir of our time together.

Some other good times together --

Her favorite outfit - lovely coordination.

And Oscar's very favorite place on the lifted foot rest.

"You want me to what? Get down? I don't think so. This MY spot with Aunt Sherron."

I think we're looking more alike the older we get.

Sweet Addilyn - Morgan and Steven's little girl - 9 months old. So sweet, pleasant and cuddly.

There will be more later. We did so much...

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