Thursday, September 22, 2016


Amy and Matt were here Saturday to Monday. The longest they've gotten to stay, even Christmas. Was so good having them home. And Dexter. He and Oscar have an understanding:: Oscar's house, Dexter makes a wide circle around him.

The 16th and 17th was Iuka's Needle Chaser's Quilt Guild biannual quilt show. I went and "hostessed" for a couple of hours Friday morning, fully intending to go back Saturday morning before Amy and Matt got here. But didn't. I didn't see the trunk show, I didn't see the vendors (Theresa/Treasure Chest). I did take food Friday morning, and did what I could. It was "some of those days" when I didn't have the energy. So I didn't go.  But there were some beautiful quilts there and I made sooo many pictures - too many to post here, but here are some, along with some of the best cartoons about quilting/buying fabric/hiding stash:

Fans made by Mary Cain, "only 91 years old!"

Lola Robinson's blue ribbon winner.

I'm ready!

Over 500 pieces in this King of the Jungle.

It truly is exercise!


and another of her quilts.

We all had fall orange shirts. Lola, Jean Crane, don't know, I think Nancy Ice facing in front.

Another of Mary Cain's quilts. Teapots are all hand appliqued.

Mary. What a spunky little lady. She kind of latched on to me and I walked around with her a lot of the time I was there.  She said her walker is red and she wished she had it!

The "old fashioned" way. But it's still done this way in some circles.

Quilt block personalities.

From Kids Can Quilt room - me and my student Battle, hard at work. This is from the summer class.

The kids' quilts.

Tishomingo County Quilt Trail room.

Mary Cain's crazy quilt block.

Seated, Sharon Stegall in orange.

Can't think of lady sitting on walker; Lola, and don't know. I'm still learning names.  This is at Iuka Baptist, in the hallway. Our library is directly behind them.

Over 200 quilts.

"It's Knot what it Seams." 

That's all the "backward" for now...

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