Monday, August 29, 2016


After the memorial service for Richard on the 19th, Paul and I visited City Hall and saw Mayor Stacy, Theda and Carol. Then to the cemetery where I left some sea shells on Teri and Richard's grave marker. We ate lunch at Colby's, saw Stan and Mary Moore there with Bobby Westmoreland; a group of retired teachers (Verna Fisher sat with us awhile); then to Forrest City and by the new Woodruff office. Ok, so everyone said how big it was - well, once you see it, you know it's so! Uh, yes, room to expand. Beautiful state of the art building, but the best part was seeing old friends. Norma gave me and Paul a tour and several folks were around. 

This was at Crawfordsville - a cloudy, sprinkly day. Fields are so pretty and you can see for miles and miles and miles...

Driving into Wynne down the west side of Crowley's Ridge.

New Sonic

Turning down our street.

827 S. Meadowbrook where we lived for 37 years. Crape myrtles on the right side. I would've like to know if the Oldham rose was still growing in the back.

Mustang Stable still there. Flag up, so mail going out today...

Joe's house. I noticed his beautiful Japanese maple had died. (At right corner) Still has those pretty cosmos.

Fire station built when Paul was mayor.  He married a couple on that circle in front.

Our very first little home in Wynne - it was 805 State Street, now Falls Blvd.

City Hall.


I left shells on the marker. We had so many wonderful coastal vacations together. Can't believe they're both gone.

Woodruff's new building.

Dear friends: Cindy, me, Tommy, Vera. No one has changed much in 5 years.

Danielle, me, Norma. 

Looking back toward Cindy's office from behind the cashier's counter where Tommy is.

The lobby.

One of several long hallways.

The organic garden that Norma has tended.

Break room. No more glass table! ha

Break room.

Sliding barn door to break room.

Pretty floors.

Guess I was fascinated with that wall and door.

Mail slots.

Mark - worked with him in his office - the IT guy. "It is what it is!" Thanks, Mark.

Joe. Mercy, how long have we known each other! We were just kids when we started working there.

Cody in dispatch. The dispatch/service area is essentially a "safe room."

Randy in the warehouse. Took him a minute to figure out who I was.

Randy - has three grandkids now...

The servicemen's room. Fabulous!

Rodney - now the district manager.

Tommy Talley - workers' comp and safety and loss control.

James (below) made this lamp. Love it!


 "Main" conference room. Capacity 97 I think. There is a conference room for each department.

Michael's office. 

Lisa's office.


Matt - thank you, too.  My last year of work was good because of you, Mark and all my friends there.


"REA" - very proud of the 40 years I was there and my wonderful friends.

Love this...


Ron, office manager.

Another plaque for history.

And Woodruff's own electric car. 

Another blue/green panorama.

Me and Jean, Carol - three of the "Traveling Buddies." Carol and I had the best laugh over taking selfies. I need to reminder her to send me those, too. I didn't have my phone!

Sunflower from Richard's flowers at Cogbill. 

It was a long bittersweet day. We were gone just about 12 hours. 

Myra, my sister-in-law's sister, let Oscar out twice so we didn't have to worry about him. 

I miss Wynne. I miss my friends there very much.  But it was good to get home.

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Mark Young said...

It was really nice seeing you and Paul, however briefly. Good life and blessings to all.