Saturday, August 20, 2016


Yesterday Paul and I went to Wynne to Richard's funeral. He and Teri were out closest, dearest friends in Wynne. Teri died 10 years ago (how is that possible?). Richard remarried two years afterward and moved to Batesville. Linda and he had eight good years together - they were so good for each other. It doesn't seem real even now, after the funeral, after hearing the sweet memories, the songs (Amazing Grace, and It is Well), the Scriptures (Luke 12:22 for one. I should know to write these things down; I can't remember the other one.)  So many good friends there: Stan and Mary Moore (Memphis), Donna and Howell Medders (Fayetteville), Tom and JoAnn (Fayetteville), From Woodruff - Norma, Ron and Kathy, Johnny Criss, Harold Ray, Jim and Kathy Cook... I'm sure others I don't remember offhand.

It is raining again as I write this back home in Iuka. I wonder if it is in Wynne? The flowers on the grave may last a little longer with the moisture. I left shells for Teri and Richard. So many great meals, vacations, just coffees, New Year's suppers at Jean's, girls' trips - so many memories. 

It was good seeing the city, the changes, the friends. We saw others at City Hall, the hospital, Colby's, the new facilities at Woodruff. But that's for another time.

Love you Richard. Love you Teri. Always. God bless you, Tara, Neall and Linda.

Hilton Head, South Carolina, September, 2004.

August 17, 1949 - August 16, 2016


Richard and Linda's wedding, May, 2008.


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