Thursday, July 07, 2016


After being up literally half the night, I'm still on high speed this morning. I have gotten a lot done, though, but I dread the crash. Oh, well, I'll just go to bed and sleep, which I can do now, not like when working and losing most of a night's sleep. The girls (Donna and Gwen) are here cleaning the house.

Sher went to the doctor this morning for back pain. No infection; strained back somehow (can't imagine), and muscle relaxer. Just talked to her and she'd taken one and was gonna watch her soap, All My Children.

Book at the library to pick up. Box to find for Sher's cushions. Only two things on my to-do list today. But I've been busy anyway - dusted all the rose bushes because I saw a beetle. Trimmed the dead ones off Brenda's rose in back yard. Washed blanket from our bed. Would put on line, but too heavy to carry. Watered our little bell pepper plants (only one pepper so far), and other plants on the carport. Mailed a check to Rita Casey for Needle Chasers T-shirt.

I was up writing last night, and later downloaded a lot of pictures from my phone. 

My Featherweight June-Bug that I won on eBay. $302.48 including shipping. $270 for machine. I thought a good deal. Seller said excellent condition, in original case. Has the original instruction book, some more feet, 4 spools. I'd say at 9.5 out of a 10. I had to order a bobbin winder thingy. This one is out of round and I couldn't straighten it. Man, they are made sturdy! I don't know what kinda lick this had to have to make it warped. I ordered the part from Sewing Machine Parts Online, plus a new wheel band. I've ordered from them before and they're reasonable and fast.

Oiled and cleaned as much as I dare. Really there isn't a lot to take apart on this. The gears do need grease - what was in there looked like ear wax! But I oiled it and it's fine for now. The sample stitching is all I've done on it. It's so cute! Even I can lift it! The case is baking in the back of Paul's truck to kill the bacteria and smell (online advice from several); terrible stink. The old glue.  There's still a hint of it on the machine, but I took out the oil drip catcher underneath (and ordered 2 extra ones), and that helped. Also took old thread off the bobbin.

Beautiful stitches. Bobbin thread stitches looks just like this.

Three or four different colors on the bobbin. Like I used to do. Finish off a round with whatever I needed at the moment. (Not there's only one color per bobbin.)

And cleaned all the extra feet, which I'll have to learn their functions. There are two keys to the case, and a little screwdriver, too.

The name seemed to fit. I called Aunt Ginny Lady-Bug. She said a lot of her family and Sara Hayes called her June-Bug. So this is for her.

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