Thursday, July 07, 2016


Finally gave in and made an appointment with Dr. Harriman, the ortho doctor I've been going to for probably 8-10 years. My sciatic nerve was not improving on its own and it was time to suck up my courage and go. It hasn't been too bad this time - at least not till I woke at 11:30 and now I'm still up at 2. But I did get a 9:00 - 11:30 nap.  After a couple of days, it always kicks in. And I get some rest.


Saturday Paul and I went to see Salinda and Richard (Jennifer, their daughter; Amanda, Jennifer's daughter; Sherree, Salinda's niece-in-law).  Richard had asked me for Sammy's phone number and he got hold of him, so he came while we were there. (He and Hosea favor, I think). I like him a lot - nice, hard-worker (farrier).  First time I can remember meeting him, though years ago (probably 30ish) I met him when Paul, Amy and I would visit Slip, Jean (his parents) when we'd be here for a visit. He's 63, looks younger. Wayne is the oldest (67); Sammy (63); Toney (54, and who recently died - so young); and Gene, the youngest, I don't know his age. Salinda hadn't seen him in a long time; I had sent her a picture of Toney from his obituary and a copy of that, and she said she hadn't seen him in 10 years probably. We had a really nice, fun visit and Sherree, the jigsaw puzzle expert, Salinda and I (helping - right), worked on Mona Lisa. Sherree has a knack for seeing where pieces go...   So that was the 2nd.

Sunday, the 3rd, we went to church and SS, then Paul grilled hamburgers at chicken breasts; no church that night. I don't know what set off the sciatica; a number of things I'm sure... But by July 4, I was in misery with a burning, sensitive leg and foot all the way down my left side. Didn't to much at all; took Aleve, which proved not so good after 3 of them (but 12 hours apart; stomach burn). Decided that I'd call Dr. H office early Tuesday morning for appointment. Blessedly, there was one today, one day later. Paul drove (bless his heart - how many doctors' appointments has he chauffered me to?). We ate at Perkins and it was as full as I've ever seen. We did enjoy our hot lunch and after getting to the doctor's building about maybe a mile away, had to wait about 30 minutes. So he gave me the shot, and we were on our way home. My blood pressure has been good this time; I haven't taken it, but I know when it goes up and it hasn't. 

Stopped in Corinth for gas ($1.82); cleaners to pick up jackets I got from AG's; Merl Normal for make-up. Oscar glad to see us. Good to be home.

This morning's devotional (Journey) was about the tongue being set on fire by hell. Actually it was yesterday's devotion, but I read it today because I sure needed it yesterday, and prayed that the Lord would put a guard over my mouth. The fuse yesterday was my good deed in taking misdelivered mail to Tiffany's down the road; it's the end of the mail route so her box is just inside her drive and the carrier can reach it from the right hand side of the mail truck; so I got out and put it in, seeing as I do't have a right hand side drive. Turned and walking back to the car and out of NOWHERE were their two half grown lab puppies - probably 70 pounds each - soooo happy to see me - and I have a sliced arm to show for it. One's paw caught the top of my forearm and the nails, oh the nails! Triangular skin peeled and scrapes in two long swaths!  Showed Paul. Started to tell me I should have let him put the letters in our box, etc... and I told him I didn't need a lecture. But not nicely. Was hurt, bleeding, feelings a little - no, a lot - and I just let rip. Felt so bad afterward. I found guaze squares to tape on; and later he asked if he needed to get some big bandages. I told him no, I had found some from when he had his carbuncle.  Neosporin, covered wound for a couple of days and usually the skin grows back, but takes forever for the blood that's seeped under my thin skin to go away. So, I prayed that I would SOP AND THINK about what and how I said things, and there was James telling me how this morning. 

Sher's cushions finished. The cording came yesterday for one side of the second one, I'd run out. So I knew better how to proceed with #2, and by the time we left, all I had to do was sew up the slit where the cushion pad had to be re-inserted. I did that between leaving home and reaching about Corinth.

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