Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The cushions were finished and mailed...

Sher's newly decorated kitchen. (Mama's little white table and chairs.)  The patio beyong.

The cushions find their place... Sher's birthday gift from me.

While in Italy (Tommy and Carol), she was fortunate to sing with this choir. 

She is on the back row, second from left with dark-framed glasses.

My second attempt at "Patricia." It still turned out too small. There is a seam allowance, but not as much as there should be.

Leaders and Enders.

My weird bruise. Asking the doctor about it Thursday. Been there awhile; started out dark purple, no recollection of hitting it.

What my sewing room has become.

The fabric I decided to use for "Patricia" using paper piece method.

The pieces of the block. Finished will be only 6 inches.

Class reunion meeting yesterday at the library. L-R, Fredda McCune, JoAnn Bolton (visible in next picture), Lou Kingen, Brenda Whitfield, George Yow, Harold Lomenick.

Today I picked up Jo and we went to Belmont to the Mexican restaurant there for Red Hat meeting. Thirty-two of us there plus two granddaughters of ladies.  The hostesses had "Dirty Santa" (Christmas in July) and it took a while to play, with 32; I had #32, which was good in a way - anything not already "dead" I got to choose from. I ended up with nesting boxes with birdhouses on them.

Paul has another blood clot - in the right leg this time. His calf and down to his foot was swelled and I told him he had to go see about it. After doctor visit and ultrasound, the clinic called and said it was a blood clot and put him on Eliquis. He returns for follow-up in September. Don't know what has caused this one. He hasn't smoked in almost two years... Of course, it could be some other reason; plaque...

My back and leg seem to have flared up again. I don't know if the injection just didn't work this time, or if I have overdone in the relief of having little to no pain... for about 4 days. My foot is tingly, pin-prickly, not a good sensation. My left leg hurts all the way from where he put the shot in down to my toes. Seems like the last time I got an injection it took a couple of weeks for it to be fully effective. Hoping that's the case here. 

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