Friday, July 01, 2016


The only time I've left the house for any distance this week was to drive to Sonic for hamburgers last night. Had absolutely nothing on my calendar, social or otherwise. No bra the whole week except the trip to Sonic. Well, you never know. 

The lovely day it rained and thundered like Thor, Lucy was terrified. So I brought her in and she spent the day in the middle of our bed.

Yes, it was a lazy day. Safe and sound.

Later she helped me at the computer.
 All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

I started on Sher's cushion covers for her birthday. The top white (inside out) is the old cover I used for a pattern.

Using strips, too.

The ties for the back.

This wad is all the bias strips that'll go around the cording. Of which I was about one perimeter short, so I ordered some. And some more stuff.

Thelma and I enjoying the cooler, no-humidity day later in the week. I made those cushion covers, too. Just simple envelope type. I have fabric to re-do these but they're at the bottom/near bottom of my list. Who knew I'd have "lists" when I retired? Even on weeks when nothing is scheduled. But I do better if I can tick off projects.

These Two Cats. Like my puppies. Follow me everywhere. 

Some chin scratching or marking or whatever it is they do.

And wa-la! One is finished.  I sent Sher a picture - she was surprised how large the flowers are. But likes it - I have the other one half done, waiting on the cord. Didn't know how I'd get close enough the encase it, but YouTube saved the day! A young lady about 20 years old said use your zipper foot! It works!

Before and after. The one I made could actually have been just a wee bit smaller, but the cushion fits just fine inside it.  Oh, Carol asked me to hem a pair of pants for her and brought them over. Got those finished pretty quickly. Will pick up today. 

Love this from Bonnie K. Hunter's Quiltville site.

From one of Bonnie's retreats - three sisters. I think the lady in pick could be my twin. Sher saw pic and said it looks like me, too; but Paul didn't think so.

And cats make nests, too. Love how she has circled this around her.

I've been looking at Farmer's Wife 1930's quilt sew along  on FB and the book (which I have) trying to decide if I want to do it - well, I DO want to make some of the blocks. I opened the CD last night and printed "Patricia." It looks fairly straightforward, so I may try that. There are templates for each block (6" blocks, which is small, considering the number of pieces some of the blocks have); as well as paper-piece diagrams.  So of course I discover I do need some SOLIDS, which I really have very few of. Onto Missouri Star I go, and soon have 30 different pieces of solids, totaling $182. So I cut it down to 1/2 hard each instead of 1 yard each. That helped, but there's free shipping on orders over $100. I'm always in this "dilemma." Like books: So many quilts, so little time. (Sew many...) I think I like planning and choosing fabrics better than actually putting blocks together. It requires a long-term commitment, but you know, if I don't start, I will have zilch, zero, nothing... It's part of the process. The process is part of the "creativity." Like magazines, I can hardly bear to cut into a new piece of fabric.  Then I think, Now how many years do you think you'll be able to do this??? Fewer than I had.

Paul is going to Piperton this afternoon to look at a Jeep. Yesterday he went to Russellville, AL. Didn't like. It's all in the looking and in the trips. Much like looking at fabrics, don't you think? I suppose I compare my "fabric money" to his "gas money." It's all in what we like to do, and I'm thankful to be able to do it.

Sher is under so much stress. Part of it is her nature - and I am, or was, like that. Not as much now. No "boss" to answer to. A lot is her job...Yesterday she said she wanted to quit her job and live in Aunt Ginny's house. Joking, of course, but something I've often thought about.Having her (or Amy) next door - to walk about 250 steps through the woods (need a bridge for the drainage ditch) to her house. (The girls used to do that when they were little - Wen-Wen built the bridges. The girls rode his golf cart all around. Such good summer days for Amy... But Sher's "dream" retirement home (if it were here) is the house Papa built at Glen.  Oh, well - it's dreams. I just hope if David does sell the house, whoever buys it is a good neighbor and likes old people.  (It'd be another big dream to have it as my detached studio, but I can't see that happening. Just a dream.  I've read too many books!)

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