Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We had a lot going on last week, so I am ready for some down time this week. The rain was nice, it's cloudy today, I got one of Sher's cushions "deconstructed" that I'm going to re-cover. (1 of 2)

Goobie and Papa's monument had fallen completely over, down hillward. I talked to the monument company and they could repair it for $275. I let the sibs know, but Steve and Mike thought they could do it. And they did, along with Paul's help. Smart men! They're the best.

This was a total surprise for Brenda; Paul and I, Fredda and Sam went and she never figured out why we were there, except she might have mentioned it was family day (it was Father's Day), at Springhill. For once she was totally speechless. Member of the year! She (and Jim) are both hard workers.

Her "Iuka family," David, Cindy, Austin (middle, next to Andrew; Alex in front.

Classmates, friends for 50+ years! Brenda, me and Fredda.

Brother J B Burns, pastor, presents plaque to Brenda. (It was also his 80th birthday, which we attended the following Thursday. Jim, Sidney (Whitehurst) and others cooked fish; it was a feast and a lot of fun. Afterward, good Southern gospel singing out of the Mull Singing Convention Number 7.

Took Mike some Powell's sausage. This is a few days after they set the monument.

So happy with it.

Beautiful Pleasant Hill Methodist Church.

Tuesday the 21st, Friends of the Library hosted Rheta Grimsley Johnson, newspaper columnist and book author. I bought her book, also one for Sher. The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge: A Memoir in Dog Years.  Rheta and her husband live at Fish Trap Hollow, which is between Eastport and Mill Creek. The next day, I saw and spoke to them both at the post office; she was on her way to another engagement in Tupelo.  

And on Thursday, I along with 8 other members of Needle Chasers quilt guild helped 9 kids make a small simple quilt. For most it was their first encounter with a sewing machine. There were two boys in the class, which I was glad to see.

The lady on the left is Sharon Stegall, who headed the project. On the right is Lola Robinson, also a member of our church.

Jean Crane, who spoke at 20th Century Club meeting a couple of months ago, my guest. Also fellow church member.

This is Battle, who was very proud of the quilt I helped him with. He was in the 6th grade, and somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of movie and TV facts, was reading the first book of a sci fi genre I can't remember now, and like games on the computer.

Gail Stables and her granddaughter.

Sharon Stegall and one of Jean Crane's nieces.

Battle's sister Katie, who was a bit young for intense concentration, and her feet wouldn't reach the peddle, so she danced in her pretty lace dress, sparkly little girl heels, and strips of trimming scraps.

All 9 finished! So proud. Left to Right, back: Battle; Girl in yellow and one beside her (back row) are sisters, Jean's nieces; then there's Alex. Front: Katie, Gail's granddaughter, don't know the next one's name; then Terrie Whitehurst's granddaughter, and on the end, I don't know. All terrific kids and ladies 

Paul with Shiloh, our great niece; Whitney and Greg's baby. This is at Jeff and Jessica Lockler's 30th birthday party (about a month's age apart), hosted by Tommy and Carol. Was nice to be invited - delicious salad, homemade manicotti. Two pictures I didn't get because I thought it would be too obvious: Tommy and Greg; Tommy holding Shiloh. There's a story there, and I won't tell it here.

Daddy's girl.

Other guests. This was at our fellowship hall.

Pretty cake and not so much thick frosting!

The honorees arrive, totally surprised!

Dad found a walking gizmo in the nursery for Shiloh.

Jeff holding Griffin.

Jessica is due with their third child on June 29. I'd say she's ready!

Cute family. (Greg is trying to get the thermostat set cooler.)

Just some things of the sort Sher, Amy, Melanie and I share with each other. By my aches and pains that roam around daily, I'd say my whole foot is in need of something.  Who "figured" this out? 

My geraniums.

One of the columnists at the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Rheta mentioned. This is a sweet book. ($4, aftermarket, Amazon) Rheta said Celestine was the first person to speak to her when she went to work at the AJC, and took her to lunch. A veteran columnist who took the time...

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