Monday, June 27, 2016


Today there is rain and it's wonderful - all the windows are wet, it's cloudy and thundery all around. Lucy came in and is on our bed napping. She hates the storms. Thelma is under the grill on the "daybed" I made for her/them there.  But it has been hot, so this is a blessed relief.

So many comings and goings... Pictures off my old phone (Paul and I got new ones, simply because we stopped at ATT to ask a question.  They're good like that. But our phone bill remains about the same.)

I miss Aunt Ginny every single day. Some days we didn't talk or see each other, but we knew we were next door. Now her house is empty and although Harold cuts the grass, it isn't like she would have it cut, all the way down through the whole orchard. I still can't believe she's gone sometimes.

Grandmommy filling up water ballons for Tyler. Morgan handing them off to him.

A rose ffrom her casket spray.

One of the pictures in her box of photos - just love the perspective, color and story it could tell. A farmer plowing, A man in a suit, another field behind him and in the far center, another man doing something. Someone had an artist's eye! Original sepia color.

Another really old photo; Glenda doesn't know who it is. Haven't heard from Sandra. No one seems to know. Likely on Uncle Wendell's side. Beautiful young mother. Little boy doesn't look real happy. Lovely little girl.

Glenda and Jess looking at Aunt Ginny's pictures.

I asked for the concrete statue. Have always loved it - was in AG's circle drive by the trees.

Sun on the mules' backs.

Another "shade of gray." Depends on time of day what shade the stain is.

Paul built a platform for the fire pit. I washed the two green chairs and have another to do, then wipe down with Rustoleum Repaint or something.

A vintage gown that was in AG's drawer. It has a bed jacket.

Tommy and Carol took a 2-week trip to Italy. Paul and I went to Ricatoni's in Florence, as near as we got to Italy. Oh! Florence, Italy. Florence, Alabama! haha not quite the same. F, AL is very pretty, though, on the TN River.

 A drive by the old apartment in Sheffield. Top right was ours, back in the late 50's, very early 60's.

The Seamsters Union made all these pillowcase dresses - there were over a hundred this time, I think, Plus little boys' shorts and T shirts. I made about half a dozen of the dresses.

Sunlight through the wicker laundry basket.

Red Hatters - we met and ate at Hagy's in TN, near Pittsburg Landing, Shiloh. Some of us stayed and saw the new video of the re-enactment. I think I have written about this earlier. Oh, well, it's what comes of not writing and keeping up, and gettring old.

I drove and Jo went with me.

And yes, I have on Aunt Ginny's pretty black and white shirt she has on in the picture above.

Old Shiloh Methodist Church.

Mama's cactus bloomed; they are all gone now, but were so pretty.

A little statuette at the library. Reminds me of my little reader girl. Same coloring, same preoccupation with a wonderful book.

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