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AUGUST 9, 1921 - MAY 31, 2016

This was her 90th birthday picture.

After a long struggling week, Aunt Ginny passed away peacefully at Tishomingo Manor Nursing Home. We were all there with her - all the "next" generation - Paul, me, David, Sandra, Tommy, Carol, Glenda. Monday I went early and stayed about half the day; Glenda came while I was there and stayed till about 3:30. Next day it was evident it would not be long and the nurse told David. They were all so tender and loving toward her. Rhonda E especially loved her I think - she came to tell her goodbye that evening, brushed her hair back with her hand, looked at her so lovingly. She was going to be off duty Wednesday and she knew she wouldn't see her again. After the funeral Thursday Paul and I took one of the baskets of white lilies and roses to the Manor for that nurses' station. Rhonda was there. She had been by the nursing home that morning. She asked if I had an extra program she'd like to have one. She said she would keep a flower from the arrangement. "Some are just extra special," she said.  Yes.

She died about 7:30 P.M. Tuesday evening. Her visitation was Wednesday at Cutshall Funeral Home; funeral was at 11:00 Thursday at Harmony Methodist Church, her sweet little church in the country that she was so faithful to.  So many people loved her, visited and attended the service. 

It is already hard knowing she isn't next door.  Even the last 6 months I could go over and get clothes for her; clean the refrigerator a little at a time; Paul would start her car occasionally. She so wanted to be at home. Now she is at home, with Jesus. Far better than anything here on earth. I am sure there must be flowers in Heaven - she loved them so. She was truly "my" aunt; though not by blood - by love and knowing and visiting her and Uncle Wendell for 43 years, and living next door for five. It's just hard knowing she's gone. It seems surreal. We were truly neighbors the last 5 years. I could make her laugh. I called her "Lady Bug." 

She always checked on us if our vehicles were both at home if we happened not be up to going to church. She cooked, shared food - apple dumplings, salmon croquets, chicken and dumplings, green bean casserole caramel cake.  And I shared ours - when I cooked a roast - always took her a plate with veggies, my apple dumplings, soup, cheeseburgers. She always brought me an Upper Room and I had been taking her Journey devotional.

She kept the family connected with the news - Glenda's family, David's, Tommy's, ours - with one another. I hope we don't get so busy now we don't carry on the tradition.

Amy and Matt just left; they stayed three nights. They came Thursday morning for the funeral. The days have run together. I think Friday night we went to Booneville to Catfish Country. It rained. We drove by Jenni and Billy's house they bought in Burnsville.

Saturday I took Oscar for his annual shots and Jenni was the vet on duty. "Uh-oh, here comes trouble!" They did have to put a blanket over his head for some of the check up.

I'm so tired. I've taken sleep aid (full dose) since Monday night. I hope I can go back to half. But if not, I sure have slept good, even with Paul and the radio.

It just seemed like she would always be there. She always said she had the best nephews and nieces. I think she did, too.

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