Thursday, May 26, 2016


Youngest brother Steve pressure-washed the deck several days ago. Then it rained a lot. Then he finally got to stain/seal the deck. It's so pretty - he did a super job - that's what he does, though - paints and carpenters. My brothers are so smart. 

Tuesday Paul cut and put lattice around the bottom of my shed. It looks so neat and tidy. He has about as much trouble with his back as I do, yet he did all this in one day, sitting on the ground at times. This is the day I nearly knocked the snake out of a tree behind the shed (to the right). I was trying to knock a dead limb off the tree and disturbed the snake - he was hanging on and I was screaming and clutching the neck of my top closed!

I have some better pix on my phone of when the latticework is finished.  Later.

I have ordered some indoor/outdoor fabric for new cushion covers. Which reminds me, I need one more 18" square chair cushion. I thought one of the extra sofa cushions might do, but it's too fat and uneven to sit on. So I looked on Amazon and found some for $6.99 each and ordered 4 new ones. I can re-cover the old ones for the carport. Sometime.

Today I picked up my kit for the wall hanging/table topper from Treasure Chest. This is the kit for the FMQ class I missed last Saturday, and hopefully can catch up this week and go on June 4. Patti Sandage, our instructor, whom I just love - she is just the best - said to call her and she'd tell me what to do. I'll try to do that tomorrow. Otherwise, the week is gonna get away from me and I won't have a thing done. I think this will be my last class at least for a while. Nothing so ambitious. Quilt guild is on Monday; I need to pick up some little boy shorts kits from church to sew for the mission trip. Tuesday I think I'm supposed to go see Dr. Berry - ENT doctor, Corinth. 

And Aunt Ginny is desperately ill. Her pain is such that she has been 99.9% out of consciousness for 2 days now, and hasn't eaten. Dr. Ben told David, who told Paul, if any of the family sees she needs pain meds, they are to give it to her. Pain management is the objective now... So sad to see her this way. She doesn't even look like Aunt Ginny. I don't see how it can be long now... 

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