Saturday, June 11, 2016


Monday, or was it Tuesday, Sandra, Glenda and I were at Aunt Ginny's house going through, sorting, discarding, claiming clothes.  We got a good bit done. All told, I was able to wear eight of her jackets, maybe 3 pair of her pants, Glenda and I divided the gowns and pjs, Sandra got a nice beaded evening bag and some mid-arm length leather gloves. I found them and thought they were something she'd like. The rest of the week I spent sorting, discarding and seeing what could be either worn or saved for a quilt I wanted to make from some of her everyday shirts and blouses. There was a big bagful of those.

Last night Paul and I went to Florence and ate a Ricatoni's. I made a selfie of us in front of the restaurant and sent to Tommy and Carol who are in the "real" Italy. After we ate and came back across the river, I asked him to drive by the old Sheffield Apartments. They're just the same; the pool across the street looks good and is being used. Just like to go occasionally. When we lived there in the late 50's (Mike was born in 1958 and we lived there), I had no idea we were so close to the bluff. There's a school there now and has been for some time. I do remember the high school catty-corner from us and the ballfield. I walked by that to my elementary school, or intermediate as it's called now.

Today I cleaned out the pink room closet and discarded a lot of what was in there. Next week I'll start on our bedroom closet because everything has to fit back in - fit - not packed in, but fit. Enough to move hangers. Now Paul can get his suit out of the closet if he needs to.

My second cousin Christy Thorne White texted me today and said another cousin had died - Toney Thorne - one of Slip's boys. I had just seen him at our cousin Ricky's visitation the first part of June. He was so sweet to me and hugged me. Tall, good-looking young man - I'm sure younger than me. This is the 3rd cousin to die in about 5 weeks. Edwina's sister Anita Yow died about mid-May.  Toney had a massive heart attack. We just never know.

Paul and I ate at Arby's this evening. I was about "give out," and didn't want to cook even a hamburger, which, come to think of it, I do have two patties in the freezer. We stopped at Hannah House donation box at Piggly Wiggly and left about 6 or 7 bags of lingerie, knit tops, knee hi hose. I'd done my best to find homes for them here, but they will be well used and welcome, I hope, at Hannah.

Brenda was installed in Order of Eastern Star today. Her daddy was a Mason, her son is. Something she always wanted to do.

I have not stitched a lick on anything since I put the first border on my wallhanging (Treasure Chest project). Didn't go to the second part of the class, which was on Saturday after Aunt Ginny's funeral on Thursday. It's been upside down and time just flies by. Paul painted the lattice around the bottom of my shed, and the steps. He had a good cardio appointment this week; returns to Dr. Gupta in 9 months. Brenda came out one afternoon and got a bagful of AG's gowns. I got my haircut Friday. Went to book club Thursday. September's book is War and Peace.  Betty is so optimistic and encouraging. "If you don't read the book (800+ pages) read the Cliff Notes.  I have 3 copies of it and also on my Kindle. Much easier to look up names, etc., on Kindle, and easier to read.

I may have heard it thunder. We really need a good rain. Everything is so dry and dusty.

I also got each family copies of this family picture made at David's for the occasion of AG's 92nd birthday - 8/11/2013.

Above, I have that green/navy striped top; below with Amy, that shirt.

In Paul's chair one day she dropped by. Oh, how I miss that. I'm sure I have that top, too. Miss her. 

I remember seeing her top in one of her closets (in this picture of Marianna's graduation party), but I didn't get it. Tommy Provins, Paul, me, AG, Sandra, Myra (Carol's sister).

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