Thursday, May 19, 2016


Yesterday I went to Aunt Ginny's and found the Powell's Sausage phone number on her kitchen closet door. I called and they had three packs left from the last hog killing. I called Charlotte, who had earlier asked about it, and asked her if she wanted to ride out there with me - Carter's Branch. She did, I picked her up. She had made us sandwiches. I put in the CR address and away we went!  Found it perfectly!

I fell in love with these swings! Imagine all the sittin' and visitin' going on in the cool of the evening. Don't know what the pulley is for... Love the colors, paint is chipped.

Charlotte and Mrs. Edna Powell; their sausage processing building. They buy and kill local hogs and make the best sausage! I can't even eat store bought any more. There is no comparison. I think that is Mr. Powell (Tuffy?) talking to the other man.

Their building is at the end of a winding paved little road that meanders around some fields and gardens, and all these gourds - bird houses. All different colors.

We left, took a wrong turn and ended up in Colbert Co., AL, not too far from the Powell's. I knew it wasn't far to Alabama. But we managed - I managed! - to take a wrong turn. But on the way turning around, there was this cattle stile...

And we were either on part of the Natchez Trace or near it. This big marker on the road side...

Paul's mother and Aunt Ginny used to go get sausage; then Paul started driving Aunt Ginny out there. Now I'm on the Powell's call list. Next sausage probably July, then in the fall.  I'll for sure load up. 

Bren asked me and Paul to come for "graduation/family" breakfast in the morning, and I'm gonna take 3/4 of the sausage, cooked. Austin is graduating. Next week Mary Jane will receive her doctorate. Sweet of her to ask - look forward to see them all!

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