Sunday, April 03, 2016


I'm already so tired (8:31 p.m.) my skin hurts and I'll probably regret it, but I'm gonna finish this post.

Quilt top finished last week that I started in a class back in the late summer/ fall at Treasure Chest. Turning Twenty, fabric is Harvest Home by Blackbird Designs for Moda. Best. Cotton. Ever. Then I prepared the backing for it, which isn't hard if you have some muscles. But it was 92 inches of fabric twice and sewn together. I'll probably go ahead and make the binding before I take it to Theresa to quilt and bind. Full size. I have another started I may make a twin and lap or something smaller. 

Moved design wall from bedroom (above) to the hallway where the wall is flat. In bedroom it was hung over a closet door.

Saturday before Easter at Mineral Springs Park - our church had an Easter egg hunt and the turnout was tremendous. They served hot dogs (500 gone within 30 minutes). 6,000 plastic eggs, with candy and Bible verse inside. I made these from the car.

 Our dogwoods in the back yard. So pretty. 

A day or two later - even pretty in the rain. My truck got a washing from all the pollen (pine). It's awful.  My teeth have about stopped hurting. Maybe my sinuses are getting better. It's been better than tolerable since 3/31, but still sensitive. I can eat, though, and not feel like my head will explode.

Aunt Ginny was in the hospital with pneumonia a couple days last week, but she's back at the Manor. She still gets confused; Glenda said tonight that when AG called for help with bathroom, they took her in a wheelchair. Even they are afraid of her falling with help now.

Quilt guild is tomorrow, 1:00. Surely by then I'll be at myself enough to go! I missed my nap today so I'm extra tired. Instead I watched 2 episodes of Doc Martin, Season 7. I'm up to episode #5 now.

Do I even remember what it was like to Turn Twenty? That was only 48 years ago... 68 seemed so far away.  It was ancient.

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