Friday, March 25, 2016


The last dress of this set of three kits. 

All of them together. The ribbon winner on the left. These are not actual pillow cases, but cut in that pattern, size two. The red bias binding was awful to sew on - too many layers and/or too stiff. And I changed needles a couple of times. The greens I made myself.

Yesterday I went through a box of Amy's dolls' clothes and found a pair of her little leather shoes. There were also doll clothes I made, some pretty hastily considering the tie straps that were just pinked and sewn, not turned. A little doll housecoat from I think the same material I made her and Melanie identical housecoats when they were about seven. Blue velour. A little striped sailor style dress which I didnt make, but I washed it and folded it for the cedar chest.  These need to go in the chest, too. Must have been some of her first ones, soft leather, not stiff leather, so no ankle support (like they did back in the day before being barefoot was better for you), about 4 1/2 inches long. All her baby shoes like this came from Cohen's Department Store in Forrest City, AR, when she was little. Long since closed.

The cedar chest has two standard size chenille bedspreads, which takes up 90% of the room. They were Mother Ruth's I'm sure. Thinking about putting them in plastic bins and at least in the top of the closet in that room. Amy's afghans won't fit in the cedar chest unless I take something out.  Mama Nick's grade books need to go in there, too. Preservation - sometimes I wonder what for.

I rearranged the sewing room yesterday. As I've said before, I do more rearranging - nest building - than anything else. Several bins of pre-cuts and several drawers of yardage... Some patterns, not a huge amount. (Not like Martha's "real" pattern cabinets she got at some close-out I guess. Looks like she kept every one she ever had.) Anyway. So I look at Missouri Quilt Company website everyday for their daily deals, and they do have some nice ones. And it's so easy to order. If I sewed from now till I was 150 I would never get it all into projects.  But I love to look, dream, arrange. That's part of the process.

David texted yesterday that Aunt Ginny had fallen but no broken bones. Paul and I went yesterday evening to see her, took her a vanilla milk shake. She hardly touched her supper plate, but ate over half of her thick milk shake from Sonic. She had completely lost a day - thought she was eating breakfast (looked like beef stroganoff), couldn't understand what the time really showed on the clock on the wall. She struggled for words. One of the nurses said Dr. K thought she had another TIA. Glenda on Wednesday said the left side of her mouth looked a little drooped. She was sitting in bed, pillow behind her, but breathing as if she'd climbed a flight of stairs. So tired. So confused. I hate seeing sweet AG, so independent, such a sharp mind, like this. She had a big bruise on her right elbow. Her buzzer was in the floor. I got the RN to see to getting her alarm clipped back to her. The LPN said they had not been told (evening shift) that she had fallen. We have and did caution her repeatedly not to get up by herself. Evidently she did. Glenda said she was in the bathroom when she went the other night and just in making a slight turn, got off balance. She was supposed to have called someone. Paul said she sounded like Mama Nick with the TIAs she had. Very sad. 

My stomach has not felt good today. Maybe the antibiotic. I am still in my pjs; it's 3:30.  I need to get a shower. Maybe Paul will eat the cheeseburger I made for AG the other night and Glenda said she didn't think she'd eat, so I didn't take it. (AG has not really eaten for at least 36 hours, few bites and that milk shake that I'm aware of.) And I'll have a baked potato. That always settles my stomach. 

Think I will at least take the boxes of dolls out to my shed, also my big Viking machine box, which was taking up most of the floor space in the pink bedroom closet.

Sher sent me the sweetest card today...

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