Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Dappled western sky. 

When the dogwoods first began to bloom.

Kiley decorated this and said it looked like Papa Belk "Crazy Ol' Maurice."

From Facebook.

Look closely - two mules, one on either side of the big tree.

Thrift on the bank.
 More of the yard.

The fully pieced quilt.

The blue with pink roses is the back. Under the thread is the binding. Small pink print on tawny gold.

Love variegated thread.

 Jacob's Ladder. Doesn't this look like an angel?

Just a favorite quilt someone posted on FB. She designed & quilted it.

Oscar ready for his bath last Friday. As ready as Oscar can be after he's been caught under the towel. No problem, really, after that. I can't pick him up any more. Paul has to.

Something else I liked from FB.

A little Daddy-Time.

Dogwoods in the rain.

Looking toward Aung Ginny's path through the woods.

Our back yard dogwoods.

The "Low Garden."

Paul mowing yesterday. He stirred up so much dust and pollen... And he was dizzy again this morning, after being in bed all day Saturday. I'm sure the going round and round the tree and the dust didn't help.

One of the Clydesdales at Nunley's.

Aunt Ginny let me make a picture of her for Amy. This was a couple of days after she returned to the Manor from the hospital, having had pneumonia. Yesterday I went by and she was in PT, doing arm-cycling, weights (1 pound, but still), and stretching bands.

Our house.

My sweet girl and the "light of her life," Dexter. Miss her so much. Wish she'd come home more often. 

Kitchen window, dogwood view.

A block I liked.

Pineapple block (I think).

Log Cabin, off center.

If the fabric is ugly, the pieces aren't small enough. That's what this FB poster said, but this is pretty, I thought. Sure not ugly.

 We were very sad to hear about Randy Williams passing away. He was our plumber in Wynne. A really good guy and he and Oscar had a "special friendship." He died April 2. He and his wife Viola have two sons.

Aunt Ginny's irises down by the road.

Quilt guild (Needle Chasers) yesterday. This is Twisted Posies I think.

Mary Cain, 90 years old, hand-appliqued this teapot quilt.

A grandson's quilt.

There are no scraps too small - a Barbie doll outfit.

And a child's apron.

She is holding a pendant - which encases a teensy tiny quilt square she made (on a sewing machine), and made a necklace out of it.

And her block - a Pineapple or variation.

Betty Rickard (met her in sewing class at Treasure Chest last year) made this gorgeous quilt.

Another of the same pattern. Don't remember whose it is.

This comes around occasionally on FB. I remember the first time I saw it in email I guess at work - Printed it and sent to Mama - she had it on her fridge for years. I have it somewhere.

Street coming back toward Mineral Springs Park from Dr. Nunley's.

Church near MS Park. Emily G talked about the Cornerstone Sunday in SS Class. I had never noticed this one before. Plan to get out and read it sometime when I'm by there. The Cornerstone is that point from which all the rest of the house is built, leveled and squared. Jesus is our Cornerstone.


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