Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Six-month check up with Dr. Robertson. Will find out what my thyroid level is. Praying it is lower than 9.whatever. It started out 31, so 9 is good. Five would be even better.  What else to tell him: Refill on Flonase. Tired most of the time. Frustrated a lot of the time. Aggravated, angry at myself because I can't do things I used to or without major effort and bending over is almost a thing of the past. Mild COPD. "Mild." Can't imagine what Mama went through; don't want to.  

Paul is better; up and went to Jack's for coffee this morning. Then went to Corinth for quarter round or cornice board or something so birds can't build all along the underside of the front porch overhang. Hate it, but they are messy. Poop everywhere.

Will go by and see Aunt Ginny this afternoon when I get through at doctor's office.  Didn't go yesterday. It's a bit cloudy today, not sure about any rain.

Sher has put in an offer to buy a condo in Virginia. Her lease is running out in July on the one she's in now and she would have to move anyway, so an option she had not even thought of till this weekend was to buy - she found on she likes very much in a great location.  Plans are to be there seven more years... But then she'll still have her house in Panama City.  This month she's going to Montgomery for a class (I think she's teaching some of it - 2 hours), and plans to make a side trip to see Melanie and also her house in PC - the new roof she hasn't seen yet.

Bren and I texted back and forth yesterday a good bit about just wanting to sit. Said she never thought she'd feel that way. Really, me either. I could sure make use of down time, but I'd always have enough energy to get up and do things.  I love sewing and have tons of fabrics and plans - even sewing is hard work at times. Then I think of 90 YO Mary Cain and her teapot quilt. 

So off I go.  I'll ask Dr. R about drinking Ensure or Boost or something. I know I need to do upper body exercises - I have weights hiding in the closet; also bands I could stretch. See, I don't even have energy (I think) to do that. Or motivation. My motivation should be that I don't want to be this tired. I am ashamed of myself especially when I walk through the semi-circle of ladies (a few men) at the nursing home. I speak but hardly anyone speaks back - can't, doesn't register, blank looks. 

Friday the Club is going to the Living Center to help with a birthday party. So far, me, Jo, Bren, Sue plan to be there. I always enjoy helping make their day a little brighter. The ones who attend can play simple games - Jingo is a favorite.  Like Bingo, with pictures to cover. Many have to have help. Oh, Lord, my Lord. A prayer for these old souls.

This is me, most of the time. (Pat Brown is Charlotte's cousin; and Jimmy W's.)

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