Thursday, April 21, 2016


I was inspired by Susan Ramey Cleveland, a quilter and blogger I follow  Blackberry Creek Home Arts., She's using Vintage Farm Girl blocks in this book, which I had already.  My block is the pattern, third one down on the left, 12" square. There are many, many more to go, and this may be the one and only Farm Girl Vintage block I make but I hope not. 

There are a billion zillion ways to make a quilt, color ways, patterns, sizes, strictly by the pattern, or by imagination and playing. I love fabric and have developed a very strong bond with Missouri Star Quilt Co. Deal of the Day. Well.  It's about all I do. I don't clothes shop; sometimes I buy books, mostly the penny ones on Amazaon... So this is my "vice." Also scrap bags: that way you get several fabrics without having to buy a whole yard of something you may only need a little of. 

Here is my block. It has 35 pieces, not 36.  I "fussy cut" the "BLOOM Where You are Planted" rectangle because I liked it. (I have a garden plaque with this on it.) It's Mary Engelbreit design.  
Farm Girl Vintage #1

Paul has some vertigo again this morning. He's taken Meclazine almost every day for about a week; this may be two weeks coming up since his first attack.  Mike said he had it once and fell in the closet. Went to the doctor and had ear infection. I guess when Paul gets tired of being in the bed he'll go see about it. It may not all be the "rocks" in his ears. It's a horrible thing to have; I've had it once severely, and several times after that. Debilitating and sickening.

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