Saturday, April 16, 2016


Twentieth Century Club met last Thursday at the library. Everyone was there! Every. Member! 

Love these ladies - always a good time together and do several things for the community...   This month Jo presented Maxine and Zenobia awards for 57 & 58 year memberships! Such an accomplishment! Ruth Ellen said there wasn't enough time left for her to do this! I daresay, none of the others of us.  

Brian Grissom was Sue's guest speaker - he's Iuka's Fire Chief - and he talked about fire hazards and safety in and round the home. Brandon is his brother, our Supervisor.

It was great that everyone was present - even me - though I seldom am in the pictures. It was good to have RaNae, after she has recovered from some health problems.

A fire truck to add to his collection.

Great picture of Jo, Maxine and Zenobia. 

Their service awards.

Paul and I went to see AG yesterday, took her a milk shake. She didn't want it right then so I put it in the little ice chest her thickened water is in - she is confused a lot but remembers some things, such as Jess will be home from Granada May 16. She wanted to know what house she was in - what it used to be called, such as the McDonald Home, or Brinkley Home. We told her it was built especially to take care of people, and Paul told her it had 100 rooms. She was very surprised. Even before she got this bad with memory she said she didn't know the Manor was there, which I atribute to confusion, because she's lived here after Wendell retired since late 70's. Surely she knew the Manor was just up the hill from Dr. Kitchens's office. Anyway. 

Had a blood pressure spike yesterday - did too much cleaning, lifting, etc., and it caught up with me after we saw AG. I had just asked Paul if he wanted to go somewhere to eat, and he said it was a little early yet, so we came home to feed Oscar and wait a bit. I could "feel" it - I always start feeling bad, my arms and hands tingle, my face gets red and my heart starts that heavy thud/skip. I took my nightly xanax and covered up, relaxed, finally got warm (another side-effect, being so cold), and went to bed by 8:30 or 9:00. And I had a nap yesterday. It was just all the closet cleaning, pulling and fiddling with all those old musty bedspreads. And they are now all washed! Thank goodness. Some "precious" old skirts in the cedar chest are now in the garbage. I put Amy's afghans and baby shoes in the cedar chest, inside a cotton pillowcase. 

This morning I repaired the white chenille spread, but missed a few pretty big places, so I'll hopefully be able to fix them on the machine, once I get the wash-away stabilizer. Oh, shoot - I just realized - it's wash-away - I don't want to wash it again. Well, not today. Scarlet will finish repairing by hand "tomorrow.

Talked to Char this morning... did I want to go to the Renaissance Day by the old Courthouse? No, I knew there'd be a lot of walking and I just didn't want to. I'm sure it was fun and a good time had by all, but I couldn't make myself go. Didn't even drive by it. She had a bp spike yesterday also. Went back to her old bp med. I don't have old bp med, so if this keeps happening, will Dr. Johnson increase mine or change it? I'm already sluggish now - my tail will be dragging if he increases it. Do that or suffer the spikes, which I'm sure over time take their toll, too. 

Sher was in Montgomery for classes this week, went to Mel's Friday, then to Panama City to look at/check on her house. She met Rita for lunch at Seaside this afternoon. She's spending the night with Bonnie, next door to her house. 

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