Monday, April 11, 2016


Friday morning Bren, Charlotte and I went to an estate sale down the road from me. The owners had been Bro. Joe and Rose Cobb and both had passed away within the 4+ years we have been back. I remember seeing him on the mower when we would come home to visit and their huge/acreage yard was always immaculate. Then he died and Rose continued to live there but the only part of the yard that was moved was around the borders. Trees line the driveway and there's a large pond that geese used to live on. Even the geese are gone now. I think they know that no one lives there. I had never been to the house until Friday when the sale began. It's a pretty house in a beautiful location, has a full basement and a large deck with what to me looks like hundreds of stairs, and such a drop from deck to ground. I would never have made it up and down them. I'm sure the back yard was just as pretty as the front at one time, but time and weeds and untrimmed shrubs have taken their toll. It was a sad place.

Rose had numerous collections of vases and depression glass. It had been appraised (Uncle Shirley's Antiques downtown had the sale), but nothing I wanted or wanted to spend that much for. (Sunday would be half-price day.) Rose had a Singer Touch and Sew sewing machine in its cabinet that was marked $60; I offered $40 and they agreed. But I played with it a bit and the needle appeared stuck in the left-hand position, which would have been fun to fix, but then there was the weight of it, the bulk, no place really for it here at home... So I left it. Sunday when Char and I went back for the "half-price" I saw that it had been sold and was relieved. I was very happy to know someone I know bought it - she said her first machine was like that and the best one she'd ever had. Her husband (Nena (Pruitt) and Charles Jones) said he had fixed that and the needle position worked. I figured it just needed oiling or something simple.

So here are my sale "treasures:"

Madame Alexander Snow White doll, $9.

Willow Tree figurine - $2.50.

Shell shaped vase in middle - $4. The snail was Mama's. The yellow bowl - can't remember for sure - was either in the attic here (Mother Ruth's) or got it at Mack Lloyd Wadkins's antique and junk place on old 25.

White stackable storage unit (I had wheels for it) - $5.  See, I cleaned off the middle space for possible old Singer, but it won't be wasted space. I have another old one I can sit there.

Multi-color drawers storage - $10.  I have a smaller version of this.

Not estate sale items. The quilt Ugglee doll and hart from Amy; Quilt card and block from Amy. The Jim Shore cats I had packed away and recently got them out. These "lived" in my office at work on the wide window sill. I think 2 are from Sher and I bought one. Who knew years later I'd actually be quilting? I made the chicken pincushion. Bitty sewing machine and teensy notions were from Amy when she was a little girl. I spot glued all the notions down and fixed the "treadle,"

Aunt Ginny not doing well - continues to be more and more confused, needs oxygen often. Still able to get up as she got in her wheel chair and went to the front desk to have them call Paul. It's just so sad to see her go down like this. What mercy it would be for her to just drift off to Heaven. 

It's raining today. I didn't go to WMU; Paul took the minute book for me. He also took Mama's (she made for me) Hunter's Star quilt to the library for display for Library Week. Hope I remember to make pictures of all of them Thursday, book club and club meeting day.

And the reason I didn't get out - I guess I had too much cool air blowing in and around and through my sinuses Friday, Saturday and yesterday. Burning like crazy. Just that quick. Used warm salt water solution to wash out sinuses. Wonder if Sports Cream would help the facial pain/burning?  Helps a lot of other things...  Hate this. Guess it's a trip back to Dr. Berry, ENT. Dread what all follows with that. X-rays at best, CT at worst - can't take the CT contrast. Surgery at very, very worst, but then maybe it would all be over. Whole inside of my nose and beside it on either side burns.

Think I'll go eat lunch, have a shower, maybe a nap, maybe sew some on a pillowcase dress, or my scrappy block, or make the binding for the Turning Twenty quilt. Nap sounds better.

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