Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I finally got over my sinus junk, but not the allergies. In fact, I need to stop right here and go use my Flonase...Okay, so that's done. So I went to Dr. Berry, ENT; then Dr. Robertson, GP here in Iuka. After 3 days of Singulair and spiked blood pressure, I left that off and just used Flonase. It's helped a lot. My left sinus is still stuffy and tender, so I still may have to have something done with the deviated septum... Cross that bridge when we get to it.

Last week Mike and Steve came to help empty to attic and put all those boxes in my storage shed. It was a beautiful day for it and it went fast. Steve handed the boxes down, Paul and I handed them through the bedroom window to Mike and he rolled them to the shed on the dolly. (At one point Paul got completely out of breath and had to sit down. Scared me so bad! I didn't let him do anything else. Dont know what I'd do without my brothers. So Paul's cardio routine check up was the Monday after and he told Dr. Gupta about it. Wasn't unduly concerned; gave him some medicine to take so his heart would pump more blood or something. Watch and see, may have to do a cath later.)

Resting... (Grass won't grow in half the back yard and this is part of it. Rocks and sand comprise most of this hilltop. There is grass in the front yard, but that's about it. Rest is moss, sand.) Tyler was here to help, too. He watched cartoons for a while, ate his corn dog lunch and came outside with Granddaddy and Uncles Steve and Paul.

He's such a sweet boy. Morgan enrolled him in pre-k this week. Can't believe he'll be 5 in July!

In deep thought... Dontcha love the shark jacket?

Two weeks ago I helped Charlotte at her mother (Earline Barnes Whitfield) 90th birthday party at Harmony Methodist Church, by making tons of photos. I've given them to her on thumb drive for her to choose what she wants. I got from just shy of 700 to just a little over 500 in the editing. Charlotte did such a good job with the decorations and displays.

Quilts made by Miss Earline.

Two of Charlotte's grandsons with Great Aunt Louise Barnes Cox and Great Grandmother Earline Barnes Whitfield. Sam and Seth I think.

Another grandson (Andrew) with roses from Hilda Barnes Grisham another sister who lives in Texas.

Paul talking to Cliff Vines, Charlotte's son, who is a minister.

L-R, Charlotte's cousin Ray Cox, Pat Brown (Louise's daughter). Rest unknown, except of course Earline, Louise. I don't know the lady in the red sweater but her hair is done up just like Goobie used to wear hers.

Maida Grisham, age 96, with my cousin Patsy Booker Wilson.

Maida and Louise.

Ray, Louise's son, his wife, I can't remember her name right now...

Janice Harwell in the middle, another Whitfield cousin.

Charlotte with her friend Ann and her family from Memphis.

Jeanette Glover (Bobby) and Lora Mae Floyd. Earline and Lora graduated high school together.

Earline and sister Mabel.

Kathy Hall Presley and Charlotte with lady I don't know the name right now. At right, Jackie Walker.

Cliff, his wife Renee, with Ann's family.

Earline and Patsy. Charlotte, Patsy and Diane Boothe were and are great friends from way back, too. Diane was my second cousin.

Unknown man, Pat Brown, Patsy.

Maida and Mabel.

The sisters and Charlotte. I can't remember the sister with yellow sweater... There's Louise, Ann, Earline, Hilda, Mabel and....

Charlotte and her mom. Charlotte is dedicated to Earline and will be greatly rewarded!

Me with Earline.

Earline with one of Beverly Estes's (Sunday School class) granddaughters.

Beverly's other granddaughter.

Jackie and Earline.

Macey (Mayecille) Hart (Lora's daughter) and Sarah Hayes (who found Aunt Ginny after her stroke.)

Kathy and Hugh Van Presley, Charlotte. Kathy is another long-time friend.

Macey, Villa Mae Ledgewood and Lora Floyd.

Center: Emily Gurley Green.

When Emily told Louise she was "Billy Gurley's daughter," Louise immediately knew her!

Annette Tucker and Sarah. Brenda and Linda gave the flowers in Earline's honor.

My buttercups.

Aunt Ginny's forsythia and spirea in her front yard.  This is the end of the second week after Dr Kitchens said she may get to come home. As Tommy said, that's what she wants. We can't keep her safe every minute, and she wants to be home.

Nancy Reagan's funeral yesterday...

Former Secretary of State James Baker.

Ron Reagan and sister Nancy Davis at right of casket.  I don't know how he could hear the service yesterday and still be an atheist, but he was very dignified. Nancy planned every detail of her service.

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