Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Spring has arrived and with it the beautiful blooms. Love is in the air, (Lucy and Thelma), but only for a short time - the next second one of them boxed the other. All these buttercups/jonquils in the front rose bed - I, me, myself - dug up and dug a trench between two trees in the back yard in the sun and put the bulbs in the trench! Wore me out, but felt good. Just took it slow. Hope they take hold there and come up next spring. Didn't want these to die under the weed barrier.

Roof leak.

Morning by the driveway and pear tree. It's pretty but I'm glad it's away from the house. I have enough pollen to deal with.

Getting entries ready for the 20th Century Club District III Convention in Bruce. I had planned to go but I decided not to try it. Jo and Ruth Ellen took these five entries for me. The dress is a pillow case dress that Jo encouraged me to make since I was working on them anyway.  Sher loaned me her blue Dresden. I love the quilting pattern Theresa did - "30's Flowers."

The cards for my entries..

Meanwhile, I made some fried peach pies, the first in many years and they were really good. I used canned biscuits for the crusts, and they were good, but I think if they'd been flakier they'd have been even better.  I took Mike some for his birthday on St. Patrick's Day, Steve some that he picked up at Mike's and sent Sher two. She said Mama always had something like this made for us when we got home from school in Cloverdale. I don't remember that.

And so - I won 4 blue ribbons and one red! (I would have thought this would have been the blue ribbon wallhanging, but either way, I'm pleased. Pretty pleased with my efforts. Need to get some things finished for next year's which will be in Booneville.

The paper-pieced batik rose I did in Treasure Chest sewing class (finished at home).

Who would have thought that box of scrappy fat quarters Amy gave me Christmas 2014 would turn into this? Who would have thought I could do it? With lots and lots of help from Theresa with the quilting and binding.

Pollen: It's a curse. But what would we do without it?? I've had sinus infection, allergies, hurting teeth - Dr. Rice checked them out yesterday and my teeth are ok - it's sinus infection or inflammation. Another round of antibiotic. Always feel sick when I take that, too, plus diflucan.  Feel worse to try to feel better. But thank goodness for meds.

Yes, I did. This is a sweet little Viking that weighs about 15 pounds. Theresa had a sale on them, and after I'd given Sher my little Brother machine, I realized I couldn't carry around the Singers I have, so heavy. Even this I may have to have help - it's not the weight so much as it's the strain. I can "lift" down, but not up very well. Makes my heart beat funny, the afib deal. That day I also registered for a free motion quilt class (two sessions) May 21 and June 4, with Patti Sandage.

Eddie Carson (Paul's class) made this picture of Oak Grove Cemetery in Iuka. I was by there that day and started to stop and make one. Glad he did.

A few of Amy's dolls I got out of storage boxes when the guys cleaned out the attic.  The little one in front in yellow was her very first Christmas. (Actually not this very doll - it got lost, so I replaced it with one identical). Left to right: second one is homemade by me - I think it's the first one I made - his face is on top of his head. The stuffed doll in blue is the second one I made. The last one (blond) is one Brenda Nichols (Freeno) made for her. I'll probably store them again, but wanted to see them for a while. The pink/blue/yellow afghans are ones I crocheted. Well the one on bottom was a gift, but there are two others I made.

Bradford pear and thrift in front of the house.

Paul putting down weed cloth and mulch. Was such a job. I helped him finish this side. Takes two of us... He cut around these rose bushes, not sure it was worth it, as some were sick last year. These were the healthiest. On the other side he did cut down three, so the barrier will be easier to lay.

 March 17 (Mike's birthday) Charlotte and I went to his "farm" for eggs and she so enjoyed seeing his chickens and donkeys! We each got a carton of 18 eggs for $3 each and got to see all the baby chicks, the incubator, the laying hens, the proud rooster and Donkey Donk and Ginny. Just happens the chicken is not sitting on her shoulder but on the donkey's back. I guess he's used to it.

Redbuds growing out of the rock beside Highway 72 East, going to Florence last Friday to eat at Rosie's.

O'Neal Bridge crosses from Sheffield over to Florence over the Tennessee River. They've been painting the bridge for several months and each direction had one narrow lane with hardly room to wiggle.

Coming back the other direction, these are homes on the bluff over the Tennessee, Shieffield side. We lived in Sheffield for a few years when I was in second and fourth grades. (I don't even remember 3rd; we may have been in Kentucky or California because of Willard's work with TVA or some other electric construction job.)

Bear Creek. Nearly back to Iuka.

Welcome to Mississippi!

Debbie Meyer posted this on Facebook, so I borrowed it. Her and Stephen, and Teri and Richard's grands. Dean in yellow shirt, the youngest; Rose - looks just like Teri; Solomon in Stephen's lap. I think Rose will be 7 this year because I remember Neall and Becca brought her to see me as a newborn when I was incapacitated with my broken ankle. Sol is probably 9 now. Dean, 3 or 4. Mercy, time flies. I hope I have them in my birthday book. Ashamed to say, but I don't send birthday cards and I should. I do send Christmas cards.

Lucy, sleeping in the house - a treat for her.

My sweet baby Oscar. He has learned to beg and pitch a fit sort of for carrots! It's our fault.

This morning we work to more tragic news of bombings in Brussels - 31 people so far confirmed dead. I look outside at our peaceful little piece of property here and wonder how can this be? Why are people so evil and bent on destruction of people and theire lives? 

Easter is this Sunday. He is Risen! He is the Victor!

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