Sunday, February 21, 2016


I've had, as my former co-worker Mr. Johnson used to say, "bonkus of the conkus!" Over three weeks of coughing, sneezing, blowing; a week of antibiotics big enough to cure a horse, resulting in unwanted side effects, and staph infection in my poor sore nose. It finally is beginning to yield to antibiotic treatment, I think.

What makes February a long month this year is 5 Mondays. Once in an every 862 or 682 or something years. 

Amy was home the 7th I think for a too-short visit. Went to see Aunt Ginny. Dexter is fully recovered; took up a high vantage place on back of the sofa. He knows to avoid Oscar and Oscar has been good about not nipping at him since I've used the "Pet Protector" a couple of times. Loud expellation of canned air. (Last night 2/20, Oscar kept whimpering in the utility room. He doesn't make those sounds often. He doesn't do it when he wants to go outside; I went to investigate and he wanted his water. Well, I'd set a bag of potatoes down near the water bowl and he was afraid of it! I moved it over and he was still leery of it but got his drink!)

I got roses from Paul for Valentine's Day. Pro-Flowers delivered them the Friday before (Val being on Sunday). So pretty; so thoughtful! 

That week I went to WMU on Monday, book club and club meeting on Thursday. Friday I helped with the Tish Ind Valentine Party, always fun. Pretty well took my last bit of energy.  On the 15th I went to the doctor (Vickie Hall, NP), and the rest of last week I've been isolated pretty much in the house.  A couple of walks with Oscar. Drove to the mailbox, like the little old lady I am. Ordered fabric - have more than I know what to do with. But it's not hurting a thing. It's my "guilty pleasure." Though I shouldn't feel guilty about it... It's pretty and fun to have and think about what I could make with it. I got the club minutes typed, article sent to the paper, pictures of the meeting and Tishomingo Indstries Valentine Party ordered.

Aunt Ginny is very much improved, but has weakness in her left leg from the stroke. Not sure how much longer she can be in rehab, or then what's next. Paul went over and started her car so the battery won't die. I've taken her clothes (last weekend) she asked for and sent her make-up by Paul one day. At least she is feeling like presenting her beautiful self to the public! Amazing.

I ordered a PrimePantry box of cat food, toilet tissue, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste and a few other things. Beats going to Walmart every week. I do need to get my Premarin filled at Walmart. Some things I need to pick up - distilled water for cpap machine, closet dehumidifiers...

Just got back from visiting Aunt Ginny. She was in the lobby visiting Louise Barnes, her dil and Ray, her son. (I don't think her name is Barnes now; Charlotte's aunt, mother's sister.) I pushed AG back to her room and we visited a few minutes. She asked Paul if he would take her to get her hair washed and fixed this week at Andrew's. We can "check her out," and take her wherever. They told her a man needed to be with her for support because her left leg is weak. So Paul wants me to go, too, I guess to guide him as well. 

Lucy on the heating vent. I let them both in on really cold days we hard earlier in the month.

Love to be in the sewing room.


"Feather" prisim colors in sewing room.

Rainbow by Mama's "artistic" pictures.


Checking out all the gadgets. 

Twentieth Century Club meeting. (District III Convention is March 19. I really want to go. It's in Bruce.  This is Cindy Whitfield giving the program on autism.

Jo presiding.

Sue was hostess - lovely table.

Cindy (program), Sue (hostess).

Valentine Party at Tishomingo Industries.

 James (King), Macey, Vickie (Jo's daughter), Sarah.

Fredda has made spaghetti the last two years. She's a great cook! Fredda, Bren and I were classmates.

Before we ate, two of the men asked the blessing. So very simple and sweet. Bren and I both cried. Worth as much as the whole visit. Always blessed to do this.

Playing Valentine Jingo. I think Jo has a theme Jingo for every holiday!

Carolyn helping Sarah. Just how blessed can we be and not know it?? These lovely people are so sweet, kind and generous.

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