Saturday, December 12, 2015


I woke at 3 a.m. this morning worrying if the plastic bins would fit on the shelves in the storage barn we just ordered. At 4:30 I was still awake going through various and sundry lists in my mind. at 5:30 I got up, made coffee and intended to go back to bed. I worked on yesterday's blog instead and exhausted my already overworked brain. I ate lunch (leftover chicken tender from Car Club Christmas party Thursday) and then had a nap. Not sure I feel any better for it. I have been pushing a good bit lately, though. I can tell when I miss sleep.

So then here are a few mid-December pictures from my phone and "big" camera I just didn't have the energy for yesterday/today's blog edit:

And just what is she doing on my bed?

Not so bad - they do get along pretty well.

She loves to lie in the windshield wiper well of our vehicles. Lucy, too.

Book Club Christmas Party on December 10.

L-R - Brenda (Mitchell, I think), Gwen Spain, Librarian, Whit McKee, Fredda McCune (retired Librarian), Betty McKee. Fredda and Betty do a great job of leading the discussions. This is the tenth anniversary of this book club.

Peggy Thorne - my sweet cousin by marriage - Hosea's wife. Love her! Fredda and I both took her plates of food.

Betty Nelson.

Betty and Betty!

Sam McCune, Fredda's husband; he and Paul were in the same class '64. Brenda Mitchell.

Sam is getting a head start on War and Peace! Our summer book. At 1140 pages I think we all should start now!

So much good food!

Fredda's talking to the Northeast Mississippi Regional Library Director and I can't think of his name. I've seen him maybe half a dozen times over four years.

The man is Corinth's new Librarian; the lady is the Assistant Director.

 Carolyn Terry on the phone. She has the Apron Museum across from Iuka Baptist.
Fredda, Sam and Gwen

Our new book list. October's is the one I suggested. I loved it years ago when I read it. I "felt" it. I hope it's that way again and that everyone enjoys it. New perspective on finishing a book - you'd want someone to read one you recommended. I've read Henrietta Lacks, Angle, and Cry... Though Cry was on tape commuting to work. 

And the stockings are finished, albeit not hung. Seventeen! Jo and I and probably Brenda are taking them to Tish Industries (special jobs work for clients) maybe next week. Eleven were the fronts only and I cut lining and attached, turned and pressed all of them. I'm keeping three. Jo said there are 13 clients; so one extra.

Oscar oversees everything. Did I even mention his birthday, which was the 8th? He was eleven! I know I put it on FB; he had over 50 likes and over a dozen comments!

In progress.

Lila foundation pieced all these... Plus Brenda/Noonan donated 60 to Methodist Children's Home! Prolific! That's at least 77!

Selfie, me and my baby.

Just trying to not let the wrinkles show. The eyelids sag... So do the jowls! But I'm a kickin'!

The finished chicken pincushions. These are for my girls in 20th C Club. Last year I made mug rugs.

And this is about how I feel right now. Just want my blankie. Paul has gone for coffee and I asked him to stop and get some ground beef and I'd make spaghetti. I haven't even dressed today. Another wonderful thing about living in the country - I can walk Oscar on the road with just PJs and old shirt on!

Dare I "resolve" for next year? More narrative, fewer pictures? But I have stacks of real photos I need to put in albums, or at least in photo boxes and date them. This is a good way to print pictures because I have my blog made into a book every year.

Another resolution: Finish the two quilts I started in classes. I think I'm about done making family members'/babies. I need to make Morgan's for Addilyn, and I'll be caught up with family. But it's been fun and I've learned a lot. I really did get a lot done this year! Thankful!

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