Monday, December 21, 2015


Little Shiloh arrived 11 minutes before midnight on December 15. Here she is so very new. Carol sent me this not long after she was born. She weighed 7 lb 13 oz and was 21 inches long.

Wednesday Paul and I went to see them. Greg was there and he gave her to me to hold.

And glorious blessings! Tommy went the night she was born, and this is Wednesday night. A big part of me can't even fathom Tommy as a grandfather! Oh, how time flies, zooms, catapults us into a whole other dimension before we realize what's going on.

That same night, earlier, we went to my Sunday School class Christmas party at Emily and Al Green's charming house they have been working on so hard since their retirement. They were missionaries the same time the Crocketts were in Argentina and Robert was Al's boss. Such a small world. This is our newest class member Beverly Estes. The object of this game (provided by Macey) was to stuff panty hose with balloons and model these "reindeer antlers!"

Linda Hester and Becky Murphy.

Joy Kitchens. She and husband Dr. Ben are spending a Christmas vacation in Italy! 

Caffie Enlow, Emily in far back, Peggy Brown, facing this way.

Charlotte, my dear friend from cruisin' days!

Macey - who devised this fun game! 

Nancy Brinkley, Peggy B and Emily.

Keeping up with "The Voice!"

Joy, Charlotte and Beverly. 

Front, L-R - Emily, Peggy B, Becky, Macey; back, Caffie, Joy, Nancy, Linda, me, Charlotte, Beverly.

Some pictures from someone else's phone.

This is our 20th Century Club Social at Lil Smokie's. Sue Kerby and Macey, who is a good game arranger. She probably got her fill of games for this season, but she did a great job!

Sue, Maxine, Macey, Jo, Fredda, Brenda.

Cindy and others.

We brought night clothes for SAFE house, women's shelter.

Macey and Jo.

Cindy and Sue.

Maxine was telling something about putting on a hat or cap or such. 


Joy and Cindy.

Cindy, Brenda, Maxine, me, Joy, Fredda, Sue, Macey, Jo.

This game involved a relay, unwrapping a Hershey Kiss with kitchen mitts on and passing it to the next person.

They liked their chicken pincushions. Fredda went right for the blue as I knew she would!

And I wish my sister was here. Rosemary Clooney (Betty Haynes) and Vera Allen (Judy Haynes) in the movie White Christmas. (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye)

The back steps. Thelma contemplates.

And investigates.

The frogs and turtle needed a little Christmas cheer to greet visitors!

Christmas music last Sunday. So beautiful!

Matt's brother Mike played Jesus. The couple in front of us is Hosea and Peggy Thorne. He's my first cousin.

The goodies that I bagged and put into the Christmas stockings that we'll take to Tishomingo Industries clients.

Amy sent this sweet plaque.  From our home to yours!

Such blessings this time of year, indeed, all year long. So thankful for family and friends. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all You have done and continue to do for us. Help us remember the real Reason for the Season. 

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