Friday, December 11, 2015


I keep doing this. Seems as if this time of year I really can't keep up. So much going on one day arter another. Greatful! This time last year I didn't feel this well, so I'm glad I can do these simple things with family and friends.

November Club meeting at Fredda's. Macy (Mayecilla Hart), at left, is newest member.

Jo, Zenobia and Maxine.

Fredda and Ruth Ellen.

Sher was guest at the meeting.

At Bren's with her sister-in-law Linda going through Lila (Noonan's deceased wife) quilting/fabric stash. She was a very talented seamstress. 

Some blues and yellows - send the blue flowered bag and one under it to Sher.

And some of this to Sher.

Most if not all this went to church for pillow case dresses.

Enough pieces for a triangle quilt. Lila had pieced at least 6 quilts, which Bren kept to finish for family members.

Looking North from Old Courthouse.

A house she and Dalon lived in when first married.

Painted Lady which Sher and I got to tour. Kathy and Bill G.

Covered Bridge just at Mineral Springs Park.

Oscar's favorite spot when Sher visits. Sher's favorite thing to do - read a book.

I think made at Thanksgiving - beautiful girl! Sweet dog. Amy and Dexter.

Mike and Tyler came to visit.


At Cafe Memories.

Some of the museum displays at the Courthouse Museum across from MS Park.

From upstairs court room.

This stove used to be at Oldham Baptist Church. Herbert Robinson used to go early on Sunday mornings and build a fire.

Old woven bottomed chair - shadows.

Old court room.

Alabama (Bama) Akers was some relation to Paul's grandmother's family. (Ruth Akers Broughton)

For sale at the museum - historical documents. I transcribed this  years ago in Wynne - 1912 Educable Children in Tishomingo County.

Lace curtains inside Painted Lady.

Etched glass on doors. The house is fabulous, huge and decorated in keeping with the time of its construction - ca 1860's. It was in ruin practically until about 3 years ago when the G's bought and refurbished it. Sher said she and Mama went in it years ago when it was for sale for $50,000! I'm sure millions went into its restoration and furnishing. 

Working from home - getting her CIVPAY workshop ready.

This belongs above, but it's the grocery case from Oldham Store than I salvaged and never had a plaque made for, but I intend to. I need to go back and measure where it will be attached. Bill Moore Jewelry can do the plaque.

Tuesday was two on November 21 and this was her party at Tad's in Corinth. A madhouse play house with pizza for kids and parties. 

Daddy Ben, Tuesday, Mommy Heather.

Daddy and his girl.

Then Thanksgiving at Jenni and Billy's. Here are Marianna, Carol and Tommy.
The family - L-R - Jenni, Billy; Paul; Tommy, Marianna, Carol; Aunt Ginny; Matt, Amy; Sandra David. Sandra has some of me on her camera. I'll learn to take my tripod someday.

Aunt G with her three nephews.

Ginny and Jenni.

Amy and Aunt G.

Amy, Aunt G, Matt.

Thanksgiving Moon.

Mike with Donkey Donk and Ginny.

And add one more to the line-up!

Wants some sugar!

Bradford pear near the end of our driveway.

The "two ladies." Getting along quite well. I miss Barney...

Twentieth Century Club decorates this arch before the Christmas parade every year.

How lazy can a cat be?

Some of the llamas at Joy and Ben Kitchens'. December's meeting is early in the month and we met at her house.

Brenda, Fredda.

Paul putting up the tree. (The attic venture was almost too much. A week or so after this, he brought a storage building brochure home and told me to pick out what I wanted! So we're cleaning out the attic once we have the storage building! He told me all that stuff needs to be thrown away. I told him that wasn't gonna happen. Why? Because it's full of memories. Plus we're too old to get up and down and around in the attic.)

Oscar checking out the tree.

Amy's Big Bird. The quilted cat was Mama's.
Somehow these pictures got all mixed up and I'm too lazy to un-mix them. This is at Joy's - Macy, Ruth Ellen and Jo.

Cindy, Jo, Joy, me, Brenda. Ruth Ellen took this.

And we swapped places.

So it came together. Using Christmas-colored scrappy quilt for the tree skirt. All our old family favorites and some newer ones from the last few years. So glad I put the tree up. I didn't last year.

Thelma has orange feet.

Lighted tree on front porch, too!

Last year's ornament from Sher. White House issue.

This year's ornament. Has a tiny LED light inside the tree.

Not happy.

Thinks it's funny.
"You'll shoot your eye out!"

Whit's quilt - double sided; all I did was bind. They don't know if the baby is a boy or girl and I had this. It was her baby shower theme at church.

Home of Deborah (Wiley) and Ricky Lambert. Christmas Under the Stars that Sue Kerby and I chose for second week of December.

You'd have thought something terrible was gonna happen here! Like to never got him to smile and he always does! Getting ready for Christmas Card pictures. First ever ones - have always meant to have printed and mail, but decided to do it this year. 

This is one of four pictures on the card. I ordered 50.

This fall, these two married! Erica Uribe and Andy Belk. Las Vegas.

Probably have this picture elsewhere in the blog. One of the four pictures I used on the Christmas Card.

How I wanted/want my Quilter's Garden to look. The charm packs I have only have 25 squares! No wonder I couldn't get them arranged right. But I have 4 packs.

Waiting for Santa.

In memory of Barney. Thelma no longer "finds" this spot, but she did roll around on it about three times, just after Barney got hit.

From last Christmas-time. One of my favorites.

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