Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Melanie had not seen Sher's scrapbooks, nor Amy all of both of them. 

Nate is almost as tall as his Grandma!

A little early Christmas.

Christmas Ornaments from the White House (not the actual White House - but WH branded)  - a lighted tree.

Wonderwoman PJs! I made them with only her measurements over text. I had to adjust them some.

Sher's finished centerpiece I made her.

Harmonizing dolls Amy brought for fun.

Nate thought he was getting a box of Velveeta from Grandma!

A pensive moment with Dexter.

The "Karen Massa" quilt top I finished quilting for Melanie. Marine colors - aquatic theme.

Amy got Paul a Bully...

A nice shirt and another Bully (below).

Mom trying to explain the complications of taking a stray dog home to Pensacola that wandered up to the house.

Sunday's chili lunch.

Heather can multitask. Tuesday can multi-play!

A new deck. An old tradition. Miss you, Mama. (Two weeks later was her birthday.)

Adding new family members.

Even Mike, who used to have to be coaxed into this, looks happy!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

Yes, Sher looks so much like Mama. People tell me I favor Mama, too.

And the pets. I think Dexter's first family photo!

Mustn't leave Oscar out! He's been in quite a few holiday pictures. He'll be eleven December 8.

Cousins and best friends!

Getting model shots for Sher's sculpture class.

Stopped at Mike's on the way home (Sher and I followed), and saw Mike's chickens and donkeys.

Riley house at Oldham. Used to be a showplace of beautiful flowers.

Goobie's and my house. (Belonged to Etta Crouse; now owned by L. C. Gilchrist, who has let it fall to ruin.)

Oldham crossing. 

Goobie's house from other side of Oldham Baptist Church.

Dalon's father's home. 

The apartment Sher and Dalon lived in after they married. The house to the right was Mrs. Vickers' home and Sher said she was so intimidated to live by a Teacher!

Pete Hays's house - the roof Sher liked and had put on her house. (I sent her pix of it and she approved. So it's "my" roof. lol)

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