Thursday, October 22, 2015


Our WMU project is pillow case dresses for some little girls in other countries, another country to be specific. I hesitate to say a country in view of recent security issues of missionaries. Here's a rack of them. We hope for 100 by March of next year.


Today is Paul's birthday! One of his FB friends calls him Pink Paul because he wore this costume in a promotion for insulation - Pink Panther. I put it on FB for her to see. I can't believe he's 69. I have known him 50 years. We started dating when he was 19, I was 17. How did it go so fast?

Cardio Dr. Johnson reduced my Amiodarone Tuesday - to 100 mg. He suggested I could stop it altogether and see how I do. My "comfort level" is not quite there yet, though hopefully at some point I will be able to stop it. I have to have my thyroid rechecked in a couple of weeks. The amiodarone is causing it to malfunction. (Hypothyroid)

Donna came to clean today - I always prep for that - sheets washed, bathroom rugs washed, things picked up somewhat. We don't make big messes, unless it's just dishes in the sink, which I hate doing, but sometimes I just don't want to empty the dishwasher. Pitiful.

Tomorrow I'll check with Walmart to see how much my Eliquis would be there. Also need to get a book for Baby Woodruff - shower Saturday evening. A few groceries. Treasure Chest is having a nice sale through Saturday - $5/yd fabric, end of bolt stuff. Maybe see how the day goes and check it out. Monday is dentist appointment in Muscle Shoals, 10 A.M. Finished Sher's Christmas gift; need to start Amy's (2 pairs of flannel pj bottoms, she'll be surprised at the prints.) I may wait and see how long to make them, also waist size. I'd like to prewash, may do that, but it feels so good now. Likely will have shrinkage, though. Then it's on to Tyler's panel quilt (Spiderman). Chicken pincushions for girls in 20C. Quilting class 10/31. Have already bought fabric. May cancel and go on car cruise with Paul if he decides to go. Then 11/7 Mike and I pick Sher up at Memphis Airport. Paul will just be getting back from LV SEMA Show. 

Benghazi hearing still going on. I don't particularly care for Hilary, but have to say she has handled herself well, and has some stamina. I couldn't have done it - it's been all day long and now into the night. It's after 9 in DC.

Shower and bed. I smell like dust - I walked around in the yard this evening taking pictures of the light through the fall leaves - beautiful colors. We need a rain and then the colors would really pop!

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