Saturday, October 10, 2015


I worked on a project most of the day and had made such good progress - I thought - until the "cathedral windows" didn't arch like they were supposed to. (Dresden Plate) So I took every bit of it out - out, I say! That was a chore, my cheeks got red, I got hot, my thumb is sore from pulling threads. I would post a picture, but as soon as I did, my sister would read this very one and see what a mess it looks like basted with red thread. I hope the basting keeps me straight on the next try. I made two other ones and didn't have a bit of trouble. I became dyslexic on this one. I couldn't for the life of me keep the petals counted right. So I'll try again. (She knows what it is, just not what it looks like. It's a Christmas gift for when she'll be here in November. I really thought I'd have it finished today.) 

But I don't sew in heels...

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