Monday, September 21, 2015


Yesterday Paul and I met Amy and Matt at Memphis International Raceway in Memphis, for Paul to redeem his gift certificate from them last Christmas - a Rusty Wallace Driving Adventure! He did 12 laps and had a ball! The weather was so nice, not too hot, slightly cloudy, a breeze. Afterward we ate at Cheddar's. The waitress asked us what was wrong we looked so tired! A day in the sun and wind plus an adrenaline boost...

 This lady's name is Janet and she goes to Central Baptist in Jonesboro, where our former pastor Archine Mason is now.

Drivers' meeting lasted about an hour. This isn't it - it was inside an adjacent building.

Almost time. Getting geared up.

This little guy - a future driver?

First he rode with an instructor/driver.

Getting out not so easy! His billfold got hung on the car window! Amy kept it in her purse after that.

Janet and her "boyfriend" maybe.

Inside one of the cars. Once strapped in, just hardly any room and next to no movement! Claustrophobic!
The steering wheel gets attached once the driver is settled in.

 The head gear, everything strapped in.

Getting in once again, this time on the driver's side.

The young worker had to boost Paul's left leg over into the car!


Strapping in.

Taking off!

This is one of the first of 12 laps. He got faster each time. They drive from 70-110 mph.

Instructors sit in the bleachers directing drivers on turns, acceleration...

Paul was the last driver, so the track was clear and he didn't have to avoid any other cars.

All the crew and workers were great - very professional!

Last lap - coming into "pit row."

Getting out.

I could breathe again! He had a wonderful time and I'm so glad!

Got a nice video split screen of him in the car, and view of the track from inside the car. Indicator showed he did get faster each time. He really enjoyed it.

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