Friday, September 18, 2015


I recently completed these two small (14" square) centerpieces for Bren and Charlotte. We had lunch Wednesday and I gave them to them, and they loved them! I got the plate quilt design (which I call cathedral windows) from Pinterest, and the free motion - well, just don't look too closely. But I'm proud of the way they turned out... Sher asked for one and I'm going to do hers in blues and yellows for Christmas. She knows this, but I won't show here until then.

Decided not to use the red center - too much like a pinwheel.

99% of the pencil markings came off (with an eraser). I didn't use a disappearing ink marker since I had "set" pattern tracings on Mel's quilt.

Charlotte's - "Charlotte's Garden."

 Brenda's Tree of Life on bottom

Before I start the next Dresden Plate, I'm finishing up the paper pieced Rose. I picked off the paper sitting here waiting for pictures to download. Now I need to sandwich it, quilt it and put a border on it. The finished one here is one Teresa Lowrey did prior to our class; it's a kit called "Open & Sew" Paper Rose Mixi heart by Hoffman Fabrics.

Teresa's ---

Mine - paper pattern.

After removing all those little pieces---

Yesterday Charlotte and I went for ice cream at McD's, then to Fred's where I bought Oscar some "pet steps." They were returned - he attempted twice to get on the bed using them, but the risers were too narrow - he fell through at the top both times. We also went to A-Z seconds store. I bought a little "toy" Janome New Home sewing machines. It looked as if it had been attempted for delivery and there was a note on the box "Empty House." So somehow it ended up at the seconds store. It was all there and worked! I likely will send it to Kiley for Christmas. It was $20 less than Amazon (I looked after I got home).

Yesterday and today I hemmed three pair of new pants I bought - navy, brown and black - on the sewing machine. Once I got it figured out, the machine foot placement, it went fast. I didn't cut them off since I wanted to see how washing works with them. Sher had bought some of these at Macy's and these were on sale too - about half price. Charter Club.

Sunday is Paul's big adventure at the Rusty Wallace Car Driving Adventure in Millington, TN! Amy and Matt got him a gift certificate for this last year for Christmas. It's been scheduled for a while. Twelve laps in a real race car! I plan to make pictures. I just hope it is overcast/cool/not so noisy I can't stand it.

Paul has gone for his "afternoon coffee." About 2:00 every day he goes to Jack's usually for a cup of coffee and a ride around just to get out of the house. I need to go to the grocery store for milk and a few things, but just don't want to. Maybe we can eat at Dinner Bell tonight and stop by Supercenter or Kroger.

National Book Festival Poster Sher sent me from DC.. This year's. I'll soon have the unwanted gold wallpaper covered! She sent me another about newspapers 1836-1922 that National Geographic issued. I have them both laminated but no place big enough for the newspaper one yet. I suppose it could go over the pencil shadow box but I can't reach over it - the computer desk is too wide to reach over.

I made three loaves of banana nut bread this morning. I want to make they resemble Goobie's in any way. Just realized I didn't get baking temp but pretty sure it's 350.

Yesterday at Fred's was talking to our neighbor Diane Dean up the road and she asked me if I'd made placemats. First I said no, then yes - remembering Sher's Christmas ones. She said if she could find some Christmas fabric she likes, she'd bring it to me for placemats! Said she doesn't sew. She walks 2-3 miles on our road most days. I told her, sure. Bring it on up here. (Class of '65. :)  )

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