Thursday, September 03, 2015


Our sweet, gentle big Barney died this morning sometime - he got hit by a vehicle down by the Log Road, only about a foot from the grass. He was almost home. Amy found him when he was a kitten in August, 2012. 

He and Thelma were extremely close and loved and groomed each other, and played together. He would chase her across the yard. He was so big all he had to do was take a step up into our laps. Loved to go on our walks with Oscar, as well as Thelma and sometimes now even Lucy. 

It's really hard to lose a pet. Paul called me on his way to Jack's and told me. He didn't want me to be out walking Oscar and see him. I got a towel and a box and went down to the road and picked him up. We buried him in the back yard near a small pine. Today when I was at Charlotte's, our last stop was at Cutshall's and I got two of the metal temporary markers - one for him and one for Tommy. They're near each other. 

Big ol' gentle giant. Makes me wonder what/how Thelma misses him, knows he's gone - what? They were very close. He and Lucy, not so much, but they had come to terms and he didn't bother her so much. 

Keep thinking of things about him - beautiful ringed tail and how he didn't mind at all if I pulled it through my hand base to tip, a way of petting him. Rubbing all around my legs, his squeaky little meow for such a big cat. How he used to try to nurse everything, everything, because I think he was weaned far too soon. LIttle lost kitty. I'm glad we could give him a good home for three years. Sitting on the back steps looking in the back door. Sunning on the deck. Loping across the yard and/or chasing Thelma. He was so loved and he loved us back.He, Thelma and Lucy always came when we were outside, not aloof like cats tend to be. They liked to be around us. I hope Thelma isn't even aware he's gone, though how could she not. I grieve for her, too - for her loss of a buddy, friend, almost like a baby to her, a playmate, a sunning mate. I hope Thelma and Lucy grow closer. Maybe they will, although they're both female. I'm not sure if Barney being a tom cat made any difference in that triangular cat-relationship. He favored Thelma, though.

I feel bad I didn't write a word on here about Mama. She died September 1, 2007. Eight years. Sher and I had talked and texted about her, though. I miss her more every year. Every day. I relate so much more now at "my age" to how she must have felt than I ever have. The years between our ages are growing fewer so fast. She was 19 when she had me. Now there are only 11 years between

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