Saturday, August 29, 2015


Sometimes when I take walks around the yard or stand at my kitchen window and look down the slope toward the woods, I am still amazed that we live here on this wonderful piece of land. We are so blessed. I love the space and quietness. Room to move around, although I don't do much of that unless it's cool. It's a sanctuary.

Speaking of which - Tuesday will be 8 years since Mama died at Sanctuary House in Tupelo. I miss her more all the time. I wonder if part of that is because I'm nearing her age every year - seeing through her eyes. She was so brave and determined. Looking through picture albums ca mid to late 80's, found these gems:

Steve, so cute -

Steve, Mama, Goobie, Andy, Jordan. Could not get this to rotate correctly.

Little boy cousins - Jordan and Andy.

Four generations: Goobie (Flora Joslin) (first), Mama (Virginia Belk) (second), me (third), Amy (4th), Denise (Steve's wife at the time) with Andy (another 4th). Made at Mama's on a Thanksgiving I think. About 1986 - Goobie died October 2, 1987.

 Me at a memorial in San Antonio, Texas - Trip with Carolyn Henley.

In San Antonio market - she almost bought this and when I forwarded her the picture, said she wished she had!
Uncle Charles Joslin, and my dad - Luther Thorne. Really tough buddies. Look at those cigarettes hanging out of their mouths.

Photo of Amy that had badly discolored.

Enhanced on computer.

I've laid out the Dresden Plate petals (I guess that's what they're called), for a table centerpiece for a dear friend. I have no garden, but this garden, and I can only share what my hands find to do. And I love doing it. I'm so glad I rediscovered sewing. It suits me - for color, design, kind of like a scrapbook, just work with it and it'll turn into something. Create, experiment. 

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