Friday, August 28, 2015


I'm sorry I waited so long to get one for my sciatica. I was really apprehensive since I had not had one since changing heart meds (amiodarone). The last one I had was in December, and it was only 1 cc - helped but still very evident. Wednesday Paul and I went to Memphis (Dr. Harriman at MOG) and I got 2 cc "straight up!" Jittery by that evening and felt better yesterday. Due to the phenergan he said to take for that reason, I did sleep Wednesday night, but not so well last night. But my leg and foot are better on that side and I made it through grocery shopping without too much burning and pain. I need to go get the other side done in a couple of weeks - the right side is what started in "moving" last night. I didn't sleep till about 1:00, then not well.

So I've been trying to catch up since I feel human again. Yesterday I did all the laundry, cleaned the self-cleaning oven (that was hard), deep dusted in Amy's room and rearranged a cubby hole for my Sports Cream, etc. This morning, being jittery, I waited till that passed and went to the library (checked out Greg Isles new book The Bone Tree and on to Brook's grocery. (Really like what he's done to the store - it's more "uptownish/modern" and has nice displays. 

Last Saturday I went to Treasure Chest paper-piecing quilting class and it was so fun! I never expected to get the hang of it, and up until lunch time, I was near tears with frustration (at one point). Teresa kept telling us we'd get it - she's such a great teacher and so patient. When I came back from lunch - I GOT IT! I still need to finish it, but all this week has been about the leg and catching up housework. When I first saw this, I thought, "But I'll never get through this or mine look anything like it..." Others struggled at first, too. Paper-piecing creates perfect points, but to me it was all backward, like trying to work from a mirror image, since you pin all the fabric on the front and sew on the back - the pattern itself.

Tara Welch Brooks Welch is in the gray here - She was in the last class (free motion quilting). She and her husband have the Jimmy Johns franchises in Corinth and in Florence. She's 31. The lady in the far back right is Betty Rickard, from Cherokee. Both these ladies were in the last class, as well as Deb Davis at the ironing board below. Deb is from Iuka and lives at Woodall Estates. 

My and Deb's sewing table. I'm at the end here and this is as far as I got. My little Brother machine was so much easier to handle and weighs only 14 lbs.  I need to finish before I forget how!

Pictures I made of Teresa's so I would have a pattern of what it's supposed to look like!

Bumblebee in this white Rose of Sharon. Just noticed you can see the delicate petal veining. From Charlotte about 3 years ago.

An older home in Iuka. Not sure anyone lives there.

 More Rose of Sharon - below the house. Old ones Mama Nick had.

House leak from Apron Museum sidewalk plants, Carolyn, it'll come to me...

 As the summer goes on, the stems bow and swirl around toward the sun.

At the mailbox one day I noticed what looked like huge rocks - we didn't have any rocks that size on the bank. Looking closer, I saw they are giant mushrooms - and smell really "fungusy" too! But beautiful colors - rust, light gray/teal, white, fawn color, chartreuse. Wouldn't those colors look great in a scrappy quilt? So... I went to Missouri Star Company website and looked and looked, and chose several one-half yard pieces of their Artisan Nature collection batiks. It should make at least a queen size quilt. I'll post in 2018, maybe! At least the fabric photos when it all arrives.  Nature - GOD - has such beautiful colors! How dull life would be in black and white. Thank You, Lord!

Checking out the culvert, as if she hasn't (probably) seen it before. But you never know what can crawl up in there.  

Thelma-miss-priss showing out - how fast she can climb a tree - and it's pretty fast!

Lucy sitting on the bank above the road.

A little girl-tiff. Wonder what had Lucy's hackles up? Just being a cate. Amazingly, they all get along pretty well compared to Lucy's debut out of doors 2 1/2 years ago. She's always around the house now, where once she wandered off for days.

Not looking good.

Oh, what was that? A distraction!

I freeze quite a bit of things - bacon on sale gets separated and frozen by the slice or half slice. Hamburger patties. Today I bought fresh salmon - for me - Paul won't eat it - and cut it into 4 pieces. That's not what really made up my mind for me - or maybe it is - so I got the Seal A Meal off Amazon, with quart freezer bags and one box of 2 rolls, cute off the size you need. I'd thought about it for some time, just never had looked at them.

Aunt Ginny is doing well. We check on each other just about every day. Today is her beauty shop and grocery store stop and she paid her house and car insurance at Harold's office, and got gas for her car. Amazing for a 94 year old!! (I did write, I think, that I missed her 94th birthday party b/c of blood pressure spike? Happened on August 8, her birthday the next day. Missed all the fun and family. Had had to take extra med and it just wipes me out.

Paul's had upset stomach but felt like eating a cheeseburger, so I cooked on FRIDAY! 

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week - no humidity. It gets hot, but there's no humidity and a couple of mornings has been in the mid-50's.

Feeling good about this week's accomplishments after getting my leg to stop hurting and burning all the way to my toes. Thank you, Dr. Harriman.

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