Saturday, August 15, 2015


I knew there was something missing when I looked back. Marianna's quilt for Jordan... So this is number four I've actually completed. My really old one, the Midnight in the Garden (first "modern" one), Amy's Meadow, Marianna's Jordan. Currently working on one that will be a Christmas gift. No spoilers.

She loved it and covered up with it the whole time she, Tommy and Carol were here. I know her "little sister" will, too - love it. Jordan's name is visible in the lower right corner. I'm glad I used the pink ties.  She gave me a sweet card and some of her hard earned pay (from summer internship at Mt. Vernon) that I refused to take, but she and Carol both insisted I do! So I did! I'll use it for something special. 

Since I've read some about Quilts from Provence I like this fabric even more. The back is a batik, as well as the blue binding. I like the batting, too - it's enough to give it warmth, but not too bulky.

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