Thursday, July 09, 2015


The Club had a yard sale at Fredda's on June 19 and 20, a Friday and Saturday. I worked from 7-3 on Friday, but none on Saturday. We made a little over $500, so it turned out pretty well. Nothing was much over $5, and Jo said by 10 on Saturday, they really marked things down!

Sam helping put up tables.

Cindy arranging clothes

Books and Guideposts.

Various and sundry.

Through the flower stems.

Taking lunch break. Fredda, Jo (going inside), Brenda and Ruth Ellen.

Sue - she reminds me a lot of Teri.

An early customer.

Six of us worked. Me, Bren, Fredda, Ruth Ellen, Sue, Jo.

Sue is always out for some fun!

Fredda and Bren - we three were classmates.

More customers. The day wasn't terribly hot and there was some cloud cover and a breeze occasionally.

Sweet Cinty, Bren's daughter-in-law.

We stopped around 2:30, started packing up. There were one or two who stopped but we were all beat and ready to go home. I went home, showered in lukewarm water, ate and went to bed at 7:30 - slept 12 hours.

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