Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I bought this at Goodwill Monday when I went to the ENT doctor follow-up from spring's allergies. After eating at Taco Bell and visiting with Marie and William Floyd, I stopped at Goodwill. Voila! As Amy would say, there was a beam of light on this little beauty! I'd checked there before but this time there "she" was! $50, had been $100. At week's end it was going to Goodwill's last stopping place - a sale barn. It had been there 2 weeks.  Now to name her, as that seems to be what people do with Vintage Sewing Machines. How about Marie, since that is who I had lunch with that day. The other Singer I have is a Merritt, and I like that name, too. So Merritt and Marie. I've never named my Singer Ingenuity, nor my Viking. Well, Viking is a Topaz, so I suppose that's her name. The Singer digital can be......... Annie - for my middle name.  Anyway, that's what I like for now... Probably forget by tomorrow! ha

I've watched several videos on YouTube that have helped, and the manual covers several different styles including this one. Have learned the names of many parts. Will learn more about how to take apart (verrry carefully), and clean thoroughly. I'd be surprised if it ever has, though it sounds good, and isn't terribly dirty, Needs good inside cleaning and polishing.

The old sock is dirt mostly from the cabinet.

As I played with it, I discovered the belt is way loose; it only worked the one time in Goodwill (motor runs, needle bar went up/down), but it was in the wrong place. Ordered a belt, a bobbin tire, a sliding plate (bobbin cover) and extra light bulb.

From the serial number I learned on Singer website that the 99K with this series of numbers included in the range was made in 1956.

Belt and wheel the silvery post on the left is the bobbin winder.

Drop in bobbin (class 66); this half of the plate is missing and what I ordered.

Tension knob.

Stitch width. All the way up is reverse.

Not her permanent home. Wasn't sure about the cabinet, but it's either original, though not solid wood, or it was bought for this particular series. The 99K is a 3/4 size machine. Printed manual from Singer website (free). Blue tape holds the side on; it fell off when Paul got it out of my truck. White on front is paint. No idea how to get that off without refinishing the front or all of it. No biggee right now. I think the old round plug needs a cover on it - around the prongs. You can see the screws and copper wire. I don't think it should be like that. Maybe I can make one or at least cover with electrical tape.

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