Monday, July 20, 2015


On July 11 I took the first of a two-session free-motion quilting class at Treasure Chest in Corinth. I learned so much, one of which is that my machine is too big for me to carry, or depend on someone to pick it up for me. (I do have the smaller Singer, and now I have an even smaller Brother, which I haven't taken out of the Amazon box.) But the class was from 9-2, lunch break, and Teresa told me that Amy's quilt was done! I had kind of hoped it would be and it is just gorgeous. Of course, they are like your children in a way - when you finish them, you don't want to give them up! I may enter hers in the GWFC-MFWC District III Arts and Crafts in the spring, if she'll let me keep it that long... I'm sure she will.  So here it is...

Started with the fat quarters Amy gave me in the box from thrift shop, at Christmas.

Moda fabric for backing. It's cotton, feels wonderful. Smooth and just wonderful.

Teresa helped me choose the blue, pink floral and yellow stripe. The backing was my choice.

Cutting them to "fit."

First lay-out.

Mixing the colors so same ones not too adjacent. Some did turn out that way...

Pretty stacks.

Rows are labeled.

Sewn together.

I sewed on the blue binding, then the pink on yellow.

The batting. I will never do this again. It was really big pieces from Karen Massa's sale and I ironed them together with strips just for that purpose. Like stitch witchery for quilt batting.

I haven't been on the floor so much in years!

And this is how it all turned out! 

 Teresa used a 30's flower design on her long arm quilter. (LAQ)

It's a total work-out, but it's rewarding. I've suffered with back, neck, leg, arm pain and spasms, then get up the next morning ready to do it again. I'm just thankful for these days I can do this now.

I'm happy to say I have finished my niece's quilt for her little sister at school. I've been working on it off and on for about 8 weeks. When I wasn't working on it, I was waiting for 1) the appliqued pig, and 2) the monogrammed name.  I really pushed myself last week, and finished it this morning. I'm pleased with how it turned out, after a few do-overs, some major, some not too major. (There are really two quilts here, only one is visible.)

I didn'g use this combination of different threads. They were almost invisible on the fabric, plus they each had to be cut to length every time. I took all these ties out and started over with solid cross-stitch floss.

Nice thread. I get to keep everything that was left, including this.

Marching pins.

Love how the tied pattern turned out. Really pretty on reverside, too. Reminds me of a starry night.

Where the pocket is - I had to do the ties marked here, from within the pocket on the front.

Shawna's wonderful embroidered name for the recipient.

Just couldn't resist putting a little label on it.

Left, the one Marianna's "big sister" gave her last year. Jordan is the recipient from MRN this year.

Now I need to practice my FMQ for class Saturday. (We have homework.) And fix an 18-20" sandwich of fabric/batting/backing to take then.  Something "busy" she said. The instructor's first class she's taught! I wouldn't have guessed it - she's good - seemed like she'd been doing it for years. Pat Sandage.

And Melanie's quilt. And Amy's label. And the Brother outta the box. 

Thursday afternoon I'm helping at church with registration for the directory photo appointments from 2-5. Number my days, Lord. Thank you for all of them.

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