Friday, July 31, 2015


Occasionally I think about taking pictures off my camera. It's a job. I have hardly any storage. I usually just "dump" everything in a folder, but yesterday I decided to organize by subject/event. Needless to say I didn't get finished and the amount of storage has hardly increased. 

But I found bits and pieces and birthdays I had not got around to posting. Way behind.

July 11 - Tyler's 4th birthday at Tad's in Corinth. Mike hamming it up. Tyler like his helium balloon as much as any gift. He's into Spiderman now. I ordered fabric for a panel quilt/blanket for him for Christmas. He'll probably be out of the notion by then!

Grandmommy Marsha made Tyler's cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Tuesday - she's full of life...

Carol's surprise 50th birthday party, June 19...

Whitney in blue - good job planning. Her and Greg's baby due in December. Maybe another baby quilt if I know what it is. (Also Morgan - January!)

Carol's sister Myra in the striped dress.

She really was surprised!

David singing karoake.

Then Whitney - sounds so much like Carol.

And Carol. Beautiful voices.

We don't sing.

Sandra, Carol, and me.

Tuesday this week I went to Pickwick Inn Restaurant with Young at Heart. Nice dining room overlooks the lake. Probably 20 folks there.

Saw this on FB, too, this week. JoAnn Byrd.....; my "boss" librarian from high school day's daughter. Probably her granddaughter. I babysat JoAnn, too, as well as work at the library. She looks a lot like her mother.

Jordan visiting Sher in DC. He was 32 on July 26! Hard to believe. But our girls are 42 (Amy will be in December.)

Some of the group from Pickwick. Brian Jones, youth minister at end of table drove the church bus, but I drove my car since I was already north, the way they were traveling. Mae Floyd, Macy Hart (her daughter), next lady can't think of her name, Brian, Tucker and Jo Russell, Al and Emily Green and granddaughter Layla.

The last outing this week before I got terribly lazy was lunch with Charlotte and Patsy; then ice cream with Brenda at The Igloo in Tishomingo (David and Cindy's ice cream shop); shopping at Penny Pinchers and Fairless Hardware Store. (I asked Patsy if I could see Grandma Thorne and even her mother - Aunt Polly's - Bibles. She said of course, and has a boxful of picture I can see, too. Hosea told me a couple of weeks ago my dad is not doing well. It makes me sad. I just pray he does not suffer, has peace about me, even Mama.

Tara and Emmy at the Grand Canyon. I know Tara and Lucas Salinas went; not sure about the guys.

Me, Patsy Booker Wilson (1st cousin), Charlotte.

Me, Cindy Whitfield, Charlotte Whitfield Vines.

Cindy, me, Brenda Phifer Whitfield. (Behind us is David and a salesman talking about commercian washers and dryers. They bought this building and now part is an ice cream shop; later the other side will be a laundromat. David is always into something.

Lucy has the right idea - a nap in the shade.  

Later, I'll catch up on free motion quilting and all sorts of other fun things I've been doing. Today I was in pjs until noon. I need to go put my feet up - my ankles have swelled today, but I didn't wear my support knee hi's. What fun in the summertime. But I'm not out that much... I have Lasix, but it makes me feel bad. Just need to start taking it a couple days a week.

Another one of our group at work is retiring today. Happy Retirement, Ruby Huling!!!

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