Friday, June 12, 2015


I was in Walmart Monday and looked at the Simplicity pattern book. I had no idea there were vintage patterns! It's been a long time since I've looked at garment patterns. Oh, they're so pretty and elegant and feminine! Almost makes me want to make something vintage.

But I have too much fun "play" with my assortment of fabrics and rearranging my "artistic corners."

Sewing corner.

My first room I claimed. Rearranged the posters. Sher has given me all but the brown one of Library of Congress. I have had them all laminated; only the Children's Museum framed.

Our mule neighbors. I suppose they're born flicking their tales at flies and other bothersome flying things, but I felt so sorry for them, stamping, swishing their tales and flinging their heads constantly to be rid of them - and it only lasted a nanosecond.  The even kick at each other, maybe that's mule play...

Remembrance of flowers gone by. I think Paul is or has taken off the thin black ones.

Daddy Nick's old plow, held together with baling wire.

See, they're constantly in motion, and always eating. They have the west view from the house pretty clean, though there's a pile of roots and limbs I'm not sure what the Crowell's will do with.

Uhhhh, Triple Crown.

Barney gets curious about them. After the mules had gone to their barn, I saw him over on the other side of the fence checking out their absence.

Thelma - these two follow me around like puppies. Lucy is not as standoffish as she was. In fact, I've seen her and Barney actually greeting each other. Just yesterday I saw him nudge her under her chin. She looked taken aback or not happy about it, but they didn't fight.

And the holes where the 13-year cicadas have laid their eggs for crawled out or whatever these holes are for. They're all over the yard.

Carcases/shells. They are just beginning to tone down their deafning singing, after about 4-5 weeks.

Roof leak. Now I forget what it's real name is. It'll be pink later.

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