Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I love the rainy days, though not the misfortune people in Texas and elsewhere have had. Our own Mineral Springs Park flooded Indian Creek banks up the slope into peoples' yards, but nothing like 1991.

So I decided to do some "studio" cleaning.

I wrote Bren today as I was sitting down to go through more "Stampington" books for Amy. You can look at my bookshelves and see a journal/scrapbook of my life.

I had to have a place for Merritt.  And UggLee quilt baby just fits there. She's so happy.

The sun was just right on "that girl's" face this evening.

Old sewing machine drawers from Paul's grandmother's machine. All I have left of it. Plus a few old attachments inside a wooden fold-out box.

At least all the books are up off the floor. I discovered that Dexter (most likely) peed on the corner of some of them, not badly damaged but sticky and I had to wash off the covers. He's been here and likes to "mark" spots in the house. Amy has him trained better now.

Merritt - I hope to get the bobbin spool I broke up while turning her over to get the bottom plate off. I was careful with the cam door (no cams), and POP went the spool pin!

This Quilt Lover pin was either Mama's or Sher gave it to me.

Since Mother's Day Bren, Charlotte and I have been to a fabulous moving/selling all my fabric and sewing things sale; I got Amy's quilt top to Teresa (having pieced the batting from several big pieces I got at that sale - but never again); we have been invaded by millions of cicadas - the 13 year cycle I think; and I made a label for Amy's quilt, once finished.  

Oh, and had two root canals last Monday. I still can't bite on #9 very well, but it isn't as sore as it was. It's the front left tooth, then skip one and the next one #11 was beginning to abcess. So I have to go back to the dentist 6/1 for finishing up. Crowns I imagine. Don't know how much is left of #9 as it was dying from inside anyway. The endodontist was so nice, personable and funny - and I had valium. I will have it again when I got next Monday.

Tomorrow is "sleep doctor." I imagine all I'll do is just "visit" and get RX for mask replacement, which is probably overdue.

Thursday is 20th Century Club Spring Social at Lil Smokies at noon. Then in the evening at 5:30 is our Sunday School Social. No cooking that day. Then Friday and we usually go out somewhere. Yesterday I did cook - white beans with carrots and cornbread. Good and plain and hot for a rainy day. One day last week it was 48 degres! My roses look awful. I asked Bren what's wrong with them (she has some just like) but don't know yet.

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